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Is A Roof Cargo Box Worth The Money?

audi roof cargo box

When planning on buying an expensive roof cargo box or even a budget-friendly one, frequent questions might come up to your mind, such as is a roof cargo box worth my money?

The article­ explores the advantage­s and disadvantages of purchasing, as well as possessing a rooftop cargo box. It also addre­sses one important question: is it worth inve­sting in a roof cargo box?

In short: roof cargo boxes are definitely worth it, especially for a family that loves camping and is in need of more storage. Regardless there are some notes to consider beforehand.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Roof Cargo Box?

Roof boxes are mounted on the roofs of automobiles to transport baggage or other objects safely from one location to another. However, roof cargo boxes can affect the driving experience, Let’s check the pros and cons of having a roof box.


Extra Storage Space

It’s the main re­ason anyone buys a roof cargo box, especially if the­y’re going on vacation with family or friends and don’t have a car big e­nough to accommodate all their belongings. The­ roof cargo box is the perfect solution for this proble­m.

In addition, some items would require a long or wide space to be fitted inside, such as kayaks, skis, and bikes, and they can’t fit inside your car. But they can easily be mounted and secured on a roof cargo box.

audi thule roof cargo box


Roof cargo boxes are practical and simple. You may leave it on top of your car so it’s always available, additionally, they are quite straightforward to install or remove, hence you can remove it if you need to place something else on the roof and install it back later on.

If you wondering how easy you could mount a roof box on your car, you can check our article.

Keep in mind that leaving your roof cargo box mounted all the time may affect your MPG consumption, but it depends as well if it’s empty or stacked up with gear.


Your valuable sports equipment or baggage will be considerably safer in a cargo box than simply fastened to your roof rack. All but the most desperate criminals are likely to be deterred by a roof box.

Picking up a premier brand also helps, as top-end brands like Thule features many safety options. Check our 5 Best Thule Roof Boxes To Buy guide.


Roof cargo boxes have the added benefit of withstanding the test of time and weather. They’re­ built to last. Made from strong, durable materials that won’t e­asily break or wear down over time­, you can trust them to withstand heavy use without showing signs of we­ar and tear

Buying a roof box is like an investment due to the long life span, you can sell it and get your money back anytime.


As using a roof box have a lot of benefits, it has various drawbacks as well. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you might reconsider purchasing one.

porsche roof cargo box


Cargo boxes are available in a variety of pricing ranges, from $100 to over $1000 even. Depending on how frequently you want to use it, you alone can decide which one is worth buying.

On the other hand, premier roof cargo boxes are more expensive but they are of higher quality and provide more security.

Gas Mileage

As we mentioned earlier, mounting a roof box on your car might affect your gas mileage due to not just having more weight but also having an impact on the aerodynamics of your car.

however, there are many criteria to consider regarding the effect, such as what type of car you are driving and if the roof cargo box is full or empty.


Many roof box owners complain about the wind noise that they hear consistently while driving, even the most costly and aerodynamic roof cargo boxes will produce such noise as well.

nonetheless, premium roof boxes make way less noise because they are particularly constructed with aerodynamic qualities to reduce such noise.

refer to our article regarding roof box wind noise if you like to learn more about this phenomenon and how you can prevent it.

audi roof cargo box cross bars

Damage To The Roof

As you know by now, roof boxes mount on the car’s roof. In most cases, they need mounting cross bars which in their turn can damage your paint and even your roof if not mounted probably.

You should take such care while mounting your roof cargo box and your roof cross bars to minimize the damage to your beloved car’s roof. If you need any help choosing the best roof cross bars, feel free to check our article What Are The Best Roof Rack Cross bars?

Increase In Vehicle Height

After mounting a roof cargo box one thing you would most notice is the increased height of your vehicle, some car parks and areas have a restriction on how high a vehicle can pass. Such places would note the height limit at the entrance so make sure you check first.

We recommend taking measurements of your car’s height, including the roof box of course, which allows you to avoid pumping into things while on the trip.


After showcasing the pros and cons of having a roof cargo box. We can answer the question of whether it is worth it or not, It’s definitely worth it if you looking for extra storage while going on those long trips.

But if you want the perks without spending so much money you can consider renting a roof cargo box.

We always recommend checking the owner’s manual and installation guide before mounting and using a roof cargo box.

Finally, We hope that our small article is simple, useful, and enjoyable. If so feel free to support us by sharing as it motivates us to produce more content.

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