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How To Install A Roof Box Probably: 5 Easy Steps

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Roof Boxes are one of the popular car roof storage options for campers who are tired of cramming all the gear into an already cramped vehicle, leaving no room for passengers.

In this article, we explain how to install a roof Box on top of your vehicle with an easy and informative step-by-step guide.

At the end of this article, you should be prepared and ready to probably install a roof box on top of your vehicle.

How To Install Roof Box On Your Vehicle?

So before we embark on our journey of installing a roof box, we need to gather our trusty tools and equipment. First and foremost, you’ll need a roof box that’s compatible with your vehicle’s roof, otherwise, you’ll be in for a real bummer of a time.

Next, crossbars are a must-have, unless you want your roof box to fly off into the sunset as we don’t recommend mounting a roof box without roof racks.

Brackets, bolts, nuts, and straps or clamps are also crucial for keeping the roof box in place, or it’ll be a wild ride for all your belongings flying off on the highway which nobody wishes to happen.

A screwdriver or drill will come in handy for tightening everything down, also a measuring tape to make sure you don’t end up with a roof box that’s too big or too small. And last but not least, instructions and a ladder (if you’re installing on an SUV) are essential for not making a fool out of yourself.

Measure Your Roof

To ensure proper installation of a roof box, the initial step involves determining whether the product fits on your automobile by measuring its dimensions (length, breadth, & height) along with the gap between bars if available.

Although this may seem simple, incorrect measurements can result in an ill-fitted container that cannot serve its purpose correctly; thus, precision is essential during measurement.

Choosing The Right Roof Box

You may select the appropriate roof box now that you are aware of the dimensions of your roof. We urge you to choose a roof box that doesn’t obstruct your rear hatch opening or overhang the windscreen.

There are several varieties of cargo boxes, each having advantages and disadvantages. When selecting a roof box, crucial aspects to keep in mind are size, weight capacity, convenience of usage, and aerodynamics. We don’t blame you, but let’s face it, you’re probably going to pick the one that looks the coolest.

Prepare The Roof Box For Installation

It’s time to get started, but first, you must set up your roof box so that it can be placed on top of your car. This requires putting any pieces together, installing any required hardware, and making sure that any required equipment is available.

The majority of roof boxes provide comprehensive instructions on how to set them up for installation. Additionally, before beginning the installation procedure, we do advise wiping the roof of your car.

We also advise reading the installation instructions supplied by the roof box makers. As they could have certain requirements and measures that are crucial for the installation of roof boxes.

Mounting The Roof Box

Once the roof box is prepared and your roof is all cleaned up, it’s about time to start installing the roof box on your vehicle. This process might vary depending on the type of roof box you have, but most roof boxes are attached to the roof of the vehicle using a series of brackets and bolts that they in return attach to your existing roof rack or crossbars.

As we mentioned earlier most high-end roof boxes come with preinstalled clamps that help a lot in the installation process and make it fast.

So just place your roof box in the desired location without it being in the way of your rear hatch as well as not overhanging too much, then you can adjust the location of these clamps and tighten them.

Next, you can lock the roof box in place using the included key and hardware, you can use some straps to make the roof box more secure to your roof rack if needed.

Some companies like Yakima have a 2-in-1 key system that allows you to use the same key used for the roof box locking mechanism to be used for the clamps as well.

Testing And Adjusting The Roof Box

It’s crucial to inspect the roof box after installation to ensure that it is fastened and locked in place. Drive around the block at city speeds to start, then look for any evidence of movement or looseness in the roof box.

To avoid problems on the road from increased drag and wind resistance at high speeds, it’s crucial that your roof box be centered on the top of your roof. You don’t want that massive roof box to be sitting sideways at 80 mph.

The roof box may need to be adjusted if you discover any problems or misalignments. For example, you may move the crossbars or tighten any loose nuts.

In case you still need help figuring things out, here is a DIY guide video on how to install a roof box:


How long does it take to fit a roof box?

The amount of time needed to install a roof box can vary depending on multiple factors like the specific model, racks, and attachment equipment used. Generally speaking, installation typically takes anywhere from half an hour to one hour.

Can I install a roof box by myself?

Yes, It is possible for self-installation of a roof box, but having another individual present would be beneficial in correctly aligning and securing it.

Is it safe to drive with a roof box mounted on my car?

A properly secured roof box should pose no problem while driving under the circumstances that its weight does not surpass the roof rack limit.

Can I mount a roof box on a bare roof?

Roof boxes can indeed be affixed onto cars without any additional roof bars through the utilization of rack designs relying on either clamping mechanisms or adhesives to connect.


Installing a roof box is easy and can greatly increase the storage capacity of your car. By following these 5 easy steps that we provided, you can have your roof box installed in no time and enjoy your next adventure.

Remember to always check the weight limit of your roof box and never overload it. And always check the tightness of the bolts and straps before any trip. Moreover, make sure to install and use the roof box according to the manufacturer’s instructions as well.

A note worth mentioning is that most vehicles nowadays come with a panoramic sunroof, so make sure to be extra careful while installing your roof box, in addition, we recommend trying NOT to open your sunroof while a roof box is installed on top of your vehicle to avoid any damage.

Furthermore, we advise not leaving your roof Cargo box mounted all the time for a number of reasons refer to the highlighted link for more information.

With that being said, we again recommend taking all necessary measures while installing the cargo box on top of your vehicle; remember, safety comes first!

Also, we hope you found our How to install a roof box probably guide valuable and pleasant, and if so, please assist us by sharing it, since sharing drives us to create more relevant content.

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