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Heater For Pop Up Camper: The 5 Best Ways To Heat Up A Pop Up Camper

heater for pop up camper

Cold nights are the last thing you want to face when camping in your pop up camper. Fortunately, even without a heater for pop up camper, there are a variety of ways to keep it warm.

In this article, we present the 5 best ways to heat up your pop up camper.

Verdict: The best method for staying warm, and the best heater for pop up camper would be a propane furnace. But there are more to consider regarding installation so stay tuned.

Do Pop Up Campers Come With Heaters?

If we were talking about an RV or even a big trailer, there would be no need to address this issue. You would be assured that your Camper has heating as well as cooling that you may use to keep your passengers comfy.

Nonetheless, a pop up camper may go either way. The smaller the camper, the less likely it will have heating and cooling equipment. If they do, these will be extremely little and so inefficient.

Medium-sized campers and larger pop ups may or may not have heating. That’s why, throughout the years, so many camper owners, such as you, have been creative and devised their own heating systems that work for them.

We will be showcasing some of these ideas as we go through this article so stay tuned.

How To Heat A Pop Up Camper?

Even if you don’t have a pop up camper heater, there are still various options for properly heating the space. If you’re out in the woods, this can come in handy.

5 Best Ways To Heat Up Your Pop Up Camper

Propane Furnace

Your camper may already have the simplest best way to heat a pop up camper installed already. Examine your pop up camper to discover whether it has a propane furnace.

Not all heaters for pop up campers require electricity, but propane furnaces might need a spark to ignite, so make sure you got a camping backpack ready.

It’s also a good idea to keep an extra 12V Battery just in case you run out of electricity. A 12V battery can run the furnace’s fans if needed.

In case your camper doesn’t have a propane furnace already installed, it’s no big deal there are plenty of ways to install one. But we urge that you seek expert assistance. You won’t have the same setup or as much space as an RV.

So it is preferable to spend some money getting a furnace set up correctly the first time. You’ll be pleased you did once you switch it on and experience the warmth!

Portable Space Heater

Space heaters are another popular alternative for pop up camper owners who are unable to install their own furnace. These are popular because they are easily accessible, affordable, and handy.

Many space heaters are ready to use straight out of the box, so you don’t have to do anything regarding installation. Those that do not require more than a few components to be constructed.

Because outlets in a pop-up camper are limited, you need to invest in a good extension cord. This way, you won’t have to choose between appliances. There is enough space for you to plug in anything.

If you don’t have electricity on the go, a portable propane heater may be used to heat a camper without using power. Because they operate on propane gas, these compact heaters can efficiently heat an area without needing to be plugged in.

The sole caution that campers owners should consider while using a propane space heater to heat their camper is that these heaters can emit carbon monoxide.

Hence we always recommend checking the owner’s manual and using such heaters according to their safety recommendations. So they can be utilized without endangering the lives of everyone within the camper.

Insulation will keep your camper warmer

Another great approach to keep your camper warm is to use sufficient insulation to keep the body heat of whoever is using the camper contained.

When it comes to the floors, if you have hardwood, you should cover it up. Add rugs, have carpeting laid, or do whatever it takes to cover all the bare flooring. The carpeting material will retain significantly more heat.

To prevent winds from entering the camper, ensure that the caulking of the camper is constantly stripped out and replaced if it begins to dry, or crack.

Reflective insulated panels can be used to cover the windows of your camper. The reflecting features of the insulation can also aid to enhance any heat created within the camper, making it seem even warmer.

The more insulated your camper, the less time you’ll have to spend attempting to heat it using an outside source.

Electric Blanket

Running a space heater or the furnace alone or for numerous hours at a time is not typically regarded as safe, so you’ll need to find alternative ways to remain warm during the night.

If you’re shivering at night and your space heaters are turned off, an electric blanket can make a tremendous difference. Electric blankets are more flexible since you can bring them with you and wrap yourself in them while relaxing in your pop up camper.

It’s not an issue if you fall asleep with the electric blanket turned on. Some models will shut down automaticlly after two or three hours.

UnderSkirting The Pop Up Camper

We mentioned insulating earlier as it helps to keep your pop up camper heated, after you finished doing that a good idea would be to underskirt your pop up camper.

Underskirting wraps the underneath of your pop up camper, preventing cold air from entering via the vehicle’s underbelly. Underskirting can also be utilized to protect your camper from the wind. Even if you insulate your pop up camper, you may still be cold without underskirting.


As we mentioned earlier there are many ways to stay warm in your pop up camper, the most efficient and best one would be to have a furnace in your camper.

Thinking of adding some useful attachments to your pop up camper, like a Roof Rack for example, or even a Bike Rack? make sure to check our articles as they might offer some help.

In case you are looking for a pop up camper, we might be able to help if you check our 3 Best Pop Up Camper Brands To Buy, or you should consider renting a pop up camper first if you are still new to the camping world, don’t worry we got you covered as well, check our Pop up camper renting guide.

Finally, We hope that our small article is simple, useful, and enjoyable. If so feel free to support us by sharing as it motivates us to produce more content.

An Extra Tip About Heater For Pop Up Camper

If you plan on using any propane or fuel heater, we recommend checking that all of your vents are operational. To limit the risk of inhaling too much carbon monoxide. As it can cause poisoning according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Another reason for checking your vents is to control condensation as it’s one of the most common problems associated with pop up camper and RV ownership.

Humidity is created in your camper when you boil water, make meals, take a shower, or breathe. This is converted into warm water vapor, which settles in the chilly regions of your camper.

If you are wondering how can condensation affect your pop up camper, check our article about the 5 Best Pop Up Camper Waterproofing Tips

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