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Are Roof Boxes Waterproof? Best Guide In 2023

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Are you tired of worrying about water damage ruining your travel plans or dampening your valuable belongings? Have you actually asked the question of whether are roof boxes waterproof?

In this article, we’ve got the inside scoop on everything you need to know about waterproof roof cargo boxes. Learn how to waterproof your existing box or choose from our list of top-rated waterproof roof boxes on the market.

In short, most roof boxes are water-resistant, not waterproof. Regardless there are some roof box manufacturers that offer waterproof roof boxes check them out.

What Makes a Waterproof Roof Cargo Box Important?

Thinking of hitting the road with a roof cargo box? Don’t forget to factor in the weather conditions in your area and grab yourself a waterproof roof cargo box! This piece of gear is an absolute must-have because it shields your belongings from disastrous water leaks.

Picture this: heavy rain, snow, or a reckless driver on the road splashing water all over your cargo box. If your box isn’t waterproof, your gear is as good as gone. Mold, mildew, and stinky smells will soon invade your space, and your valuable electronic devices, clothes, and personal items will suffer water damage, causing you inconvenience and even financial loss.

But wait, there’s a solution! A waterproof roof cargo box boasts a snug-fitting lid that prevents water from seeping in. With reinforced rubber seals, water won’t stand a chance of getting inside. That means you can travel stress-free, knowing your stuff is dry and protected from water leaks.

That’s not all. A waterproof roof cargo box does double duty by preserving your gear’s longevity. Moisture can cause rust and corrosion, which can damage the structural integrity of metal components like bikes and ski gear. But with a waterproof roof cargo box, your gear stays in tip-top condition.

How To Waterproof Your Roof Box?

When it comes to waterproofing your roof cargo box, there are a variety of tips and recommendations you can follow to ensure your gear stays dry and protected.

For those with an existing box, using silicone caulk and weatherstripping tape can be helpful in sealing any gaps or seams to create a watertight barrier. Adding a waterproof cover can also provide an extra layer of protection.

However, if you’re in the market for a new roof cargo box, it’s essential to prioritize finding a waterproof model. The shell’s material plays a significant role in its waterproof capabilities, with durable options like ABS plastic and fiberglass providing excellent water resistance.

Additionally, a secure locking system can deter both water and theft, while sturdy mounting hardware and reinforced hinges help maintain a tight seal.

Size and weight capacity are also important considerations when purchasing a waterproof roof cargo box. Ensuring the box fits securely on your vehicle and can accommodate your gear without compromising the waterproofing capabilities is crucial. Some models even include drainage systems to prevent water from pooling inside.

Water-Resistant vs Waterproof

The disparity between water-resistant and waterproof roof cargo boxes is a crucial consideration for all travelers. While water-resistant boxes can withstand a degree of moisture exposure, they cannot fully prevent water from seeping in.

Waterproof boxes, however, offer a more reliable and comprehensive seal against water, ensuring that your belongings stay dry even in the most torrential downpours.

The pros and cons of each option must be weighed before making a decision. Although water-resistant boxes are often cheaper and lighter, they may not provide sufficient protection in all weather conditions.

Waterproof boxes, in contrast, come with sturdier materials, robust locking systems, and a higher level of security against theft and impacts.

But, there are some downsides to waterproof boxes, such as increased weight and costs. Furthermore, if you travel primarily in dry or mild weather conditions, a water-resistant box could provide adequate protection and be a more budget-friendly choice.

Are Thule Roof Boxes Waterproof?

Thule roof box waterproofing arent 100%, but it can handle some weather like light rain and dirt. However, if there’s a heavy rainstorm for a long time, water might seep in.

The hard shell ones are the best for keeping water out, but even they aren’t completely waterproof. The manual suggests putting things in bags in the cargo box to keep them dry, especially if they can’t get wet. So, it’s crucial to use watertight packaging for those sensitive items.

Best Waterproof roof boxes on the market

Looking for the best waterproof roof cargo boxes? There are plenty of options out there, but three stand out from the pack: the SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box, Goplus Cargo Box, and JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier.

SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box

SportRack’s Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box has a rugged construction, UV-resistant finish, and a roomy 18-cubic foot capacity that can hold up to 100 pounds. Plus, the rear opening design makes accessing your gear a breeze.

Goplus Cargo Box

The Goplus Cargo Box is another top-rated option with a dual-side opening design, lockable latch, and aerodynamic shape that reduces wind noise and drag. It’s made from high-density plastic and can hold up to 165 pounds of gear in its 14-cubic foot capacity.

JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Last but not least, the JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier is a heavyweight contender with an 18-cubic foot capacity and 110-pound weight capacity. It features a sturdy locking system, a low-profile design to reduce wind resistance and noise, and exceptional waterproofing capabilities.

All three of these waterproof roof cargo boxes offer excellent protection against water damage and are built to last. Consider your budget, travel needs, and the size and weight of your gear when choosing the best option for you.

Conclusion: Are Roof Boxes Waterproof?

You’re almost done reading this article, and you should know by now that a waterproof roof cargo box is a total game-changer. Why? Because water damage is a real pain, and it can leave you high and dry with a pile of ruined belongings and a hefty bill. That’s why you need a waterproof solution to keep your gear safe and dry during transportation.

We’ve given you a bunch of tips on how to waterproof your existing roof box, as well as some crucial features to consider when you’re in the market for a waterproof cargo carrier.

Plus, we’ve compared water-resistant and waterproof options to help you make an informed choice. And to sweeten the deal, we’ve rounded up three of the best waterproof roof cargo boxes out there, each with its unique set of perks to fit any travel style and budget.

To conclude and answer the matter at hand, most roof boxes aren’t waterproof, they are water-resistant unless it’s mentioned otherwise.

Regardless, as we mentioned earlier you might not need a waterproof roof box, a weather-resistant one would be sufficient.

With that being said, we hope you found our answer to the question Are Roof Boxes Waterproof? valuable and pleasant, and if so, please assist us by sharing it, since sharing drives us to create more relevant content.

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