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Top 5 Best Largest Roof Box To Buy In 2023 On The Market

farad roof box marlin largest roof box available

It’s never enough regarding cargo space the more the better, this is why we summed up the largest roof boxes in the market that can almost double up your cargo space.

In this article, we showcase the biggest roof boxes you can get, in addition to the guidelines before attempting to install one of them.

In short: the biggest roof box you can buy would be the Farad Marlin 680L, but you might wanna consider some other options as well.

What is The Largest Roof Cargo Carrier Available?

Trying to squeeze up all your luggage might be frustrating in the small trunk of your car, but what if you could land your hands on the largest car roof box on the market which can do miracles for you and solve all your cargo problems?

However don’t forget to install roof cross bars first, as they are needed to install a roof cargo carrier safely. You must also ensure that you will not overload your roof, that’s why we always recommend going through with your vehicle manufacturer before attempting to install roof boxes.

After that being said, let’s check the four largest roof boxes you can buy from the market today

FARAD roof box MARLIN F3 680L

This box has a massive 24 cubic feet of capacity. The FARAD MARLIN 680L is considered to be the largest roof box available on the market today.

Regarding weight capacity, it’s the same as most other roof cargo carriers of this size at around 165 lbs, of course, due to the limit of the vehicle roof itself.

Inside the FARAD you can store equipment up to 75.5 inches long and 36 inches wide, don’t let the practicality fool you this box is stylish and aerodynamic.

Then you wouldn’t have to worry about any major wind noise or a massive drop in your MPG due to wind resistance. But we still recommend not leaving your roof box mounted all the time, as it may be a target for theft.

The FARAD opens on both sides, giving you easy access to all of your goods and equipment. Some consumers have reported difficulty closing and locking the three-point locking mechanism.

Due to safety concerns on the road we recommend strapping the roof box just in case to eliminate any chances of its opening.

As we mentioned earlier the FARAD is one long and wide roof box, so it’s likely to overhang from the front or rear, in case you have a rear hatch we advise you to not use it during the trip or just try to place the box slightly to the front of your vehicle.

Thule Motion XT XXL Cargo Carrier

The Motion XT XLL is the biggest Thule roof box you can get with a size of up to 22 cubic ft, and a massive 610L capacity, also it comes in an aerodynamic design, which should minimize the impact on your fuel efficiency and wind resistance.

The Motion XT is designed to be forward mounted on the vehicle, so you should be able to reach your belongings in your hatch without the worry of colliding with the cargo box.

Thule has an extra-wide, pre-installed PowerClick quick-mount mechanism that makes installation a breeze. In addition to the integrated torque indicator that “clicks” when correctly mounted, it provides a quick and secure fit.

Regarding security, the Thule Motion XT XXL doesn’t fall short with a SlideLock system, which has distinct locking and opening capabilities that automatically secure the lid and signal when the box is safely closed. Moreover, the grip-friendly key can only be removed if all locking points are secured and closed completely.

For the exact up-to-date price and specs for the Thule Motion XT XXL Cargo Carrier click below:

Thule Force XT XXL Cargo Carrier

This sturdy luggage box is suitable for practically any vehicle and lifestyle. It’s ideal for everyday use because of its strong AeroSkin surface texture and the LockKnob, which makes opening and closing the box a very simple task.

The Force XT XXL comes with 22 cubic feet of capacity, which is almost the same as the Motion XT XXL with some minor differences in dimensions and design.

The Force XT has many similarities with its big brother the Motion XT but at the same time, it has many differences as well. such as the Motion XT comes with a SlideLock while the Force XT has a central locking system. Both being super safe and secure, it gets down to the personal preference of each buyer.

Moreover regarding appearance, the Motion XT has a sleek glossy exterior while the Thule Force XT comes in a matte finish which may be preferred by some since the matte finish might be more durable and scratch-resistant.

For the exact up-to-date price and specs for the Thule Force XT XXL Cargo Carrier click below:

thule force xt xxl largest car roof box

Yakima SkyBox 21 Carbonite

As well as Thule’s Motion XT, the SkyBox 21 Carbonite is the largest Yakima cargo box, with a 21 cubic feet capacity.

The SkyBox 21 does not let you down. It is constructed in the United States using 80% recyclable material and can be attached to your vehicle’s crossbars without the use of any tools.

The dual-sided opening makes it easy to open your box, and it should fit without interfering with the hatch on bigger vehicles since it’s a forward-mounting roof box.

And if you are concerned about security, the SkyBox doesn’t fail to employ Yakima’s SuperLatch locking system to safeguard your things and gear.

For the exact up-to-date price and specs for the Yakima SkyBox 21 Carbonite click below:

yakima skybox  carbonite biggest roof box


We have discussed the most popular and functional options of the largest roof boxes you can find in the market, the only bottleneck is the roof’s capability of supporting such weight and size.

Thus we always recommend checking your manufacturer’s manual and the installation guide for the roof box and roof rack before attempting to install anything on your roof, especially a box that is considered to be the largest car roof box available.

After that being said we do recommend the Thule Motion XT XXL or the Thule Force XT XXL as the best and largest roof box to buy, depending on your roof compatibility and which one of those two can be mounted safely on it, as they come in slightly different dimensions to match almost every roof.

If you’re still thinking about whether a roof box is worth it or not, be sure to read our article.

Finally, We hope that our small article is simple, useful, and enjoyable. If so feel free to support us by sharing as it motivates us to produce more content.

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