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Can My Roof Box Get Stolen?

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One of the major concerns when buying a roof box is how safe your stuff would be inside it. Can thieves break into it? or even can they steal the whole thing?

In this article, we discuss the possibility of your roof box getting stolen, and what are the ways to prevent it from happening.

Briefly: Roof boxes unfortunately can get stolen and broken into, but it’s unlikely to happen especially if the roof box is a high-end brand.

How Easy Can A Roof Box Get Stolen?

It doesn’t even take long for a competent criminal to steal a roof box. thieves usually appear in pairs and can completely remove a roof box off a car in a matter of minutes, typically without drawing attention to themselves.

One common way criminals use is removing the bolts using a bolt cutter. Or even remove the roof cross bars that the roof box mounts on.

Luckily many premier brands have ways to solve that, they come along with security set up to prevent the criminal from stealing your belongings. One of those brands is Thule, make sure to check our list for the 5 Best Thule Roof Boxes To Buy.

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How To Protect Your Roof Box From Theft?

As we mentioned earlier buying a premier brand can mostly prevent your roof box from getting stolen, as the more difficult it is for criminals to take it, the less likely that they will try to.

That’s why thieves prefer to take the whole roof box instead of breaking into it and stealing your belonging especially if it was fully locked, it would be easier for them. Roof boxes are made from robust materials hence the shell is super hard to get shattered.

But what are the other ways to reduce the risk of falling a victim to theft? Let’s check some of those ways together below.

Remove The Roof Box When Not In Use

roof box storage garage

When you aren’t going to use your roof box for a while, you should remove it and store it in your garage for example, which is so much safer than having it in front of thieves 24/7.

Keeping your roof box mounted all the time has many disadvantages other than being just a target for burglars. A couple of these disadvantages unfold in higher fuel consumption due to more weight and air resistance, in addition to constant annoying wind noise.

Use A Locking System

It’s a good idea to have a roof box with a locking system. Most high-end brands do have lock mechanisms Nonetheless, you must ensure that the lock is in good working condition. Otherwise, there will be no advantage.

Some high-end brands such as Thule represent a lot of security locking features, to make it harder for the burglar to steal your stuff, but they come at a certain price tag, and a tricky installation process sometimes.

Add Additional Locks

Another method for preventing roof box theft is to secure the roof rack cross bars to the roof. You may accomplish this by using a cable or strap lock. This would make it more difficult for thieves to unhook your roof rack from your vehicle.

The more locks you add to the roof box and the roof rack, the harder it gets for burglars. And the less likely they will even try to steal your heavily locked set up.

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Set An Alarm

Alarms are always a good thing when it comes to preventing theft. The alarm makes a loud and uncomfortable sound with light flashes when triggered, thus resulting in making the robbers flee.

Many roof boxes on the market offer built-in alarm systems. Which will save you time installing one yourself, if you just bought one in the first place.

Keep Your Car In A Garage

If you still need your roof box to be mounted most of the time on your roof, and you cant keep removing and mounting it all over again. Then keeping your car in the garage is the smartest thing to do.

This will spare you a lot of stress since your car is parked and you are sure it’s in a safe spot, even if you leave it unintended for a long period of time it won’t represent a problem.


Roof boxes may be used to transfer various personal items from one location to another. Sadly, security remains a major concern.

As we mentioned earlier, roof boxes can be stolen but taking the proper precautions may prevent that from happening, as thieves prefer the easy way.

Finally, We hope that our small article is simple, useful, and enjoyable. If so feel free to support us by sharing as it motivates us to produce more content.

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