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5 Best Thule Roof Boxes To Buy

thule roof box

Feeling your cargo space is a bit crumbed, and you are tired from trying to squeeze things clearly, it’s time to invest in a Thule roof box. It offers more storage above the roof of your car, and you don’t have to compromise for it.

In this article, we showcase the 5 best Thule Roof boxes and their key features and differences.

Thule is one of the leading roof box brands that make the most worthy roof boxes for your money. Thule was established in Sweden around 1942, and it is very popular because of its design, safety, durability, and versatile roof boxes.

What Is The Purpose Of A Roof Box?

Roof Box allows drivers to store objects on the roof of the vehicle without reducing interior space for passengers, or limiting the size of the cargo area as in a typical trunk design.

The roof box system includes weatherproof containers on top of the vehicle, and some are designed for specific cargo such as skis or luggage maybe kayaks and bikes.

What Is The Best Thule Roof Box?

Thule Roof boxes come in many shapes and features. We collected the most versatile Thule roof boxes so you can pick the perfect one for you and your vehicle.

Being around since 1942, Thule has been providing outdoor enthusiasts with a diverse choice of racks and carriers for a long time.

Thule Motion XT XL Roof Box

thule motion xt xl roof box

The Thule Motion XT XL is one of the best all-around picks for a roof box due to its black gloss optimized design, space efficiency, as well as aerodynamics.

Thule Motion XT XL has an extra wide PowerClick quick-mount system. That clicks when it’s properly mounted, leading to an easy and universal vehicle fit. Thule Motion XT XL dimension are around 84.5″ x 36″ x 17″.

The Motion XT XL weighs 42 lb, so little compared to how much the Thule Motion XT XL can hold inside. The max weight capacity is 165 lb, and with 18 cu ft of volume, it’s undoubtedly enough space for whatever you throw inside it.

Regarding the price of the Thule Motion XT XL. It’s on the pricey side none the less it’s worth considering.

Thule Pulse Cargo Box

If you’re looking for a simple and subtle roof box that can hold your stuff and doesn’t have all the extra fancy options of premium products. Therefore the Thule Pulse might be a perfect choice.

The Thule Pulse Cargo box can be quickly installed or removed and can hold a large amount of equipment and gear. It also comes in a matte finish, so scratches and dirt are hardly visible, unlike the high-gloss finishes of some other roof boxes.

The Thule Pulse Cargo box comes in 14 cu ft of volume and 110 lb maximum load, a little less than the Motion XT XL but more suitable for smaller vehicles. Thule Pulse Cargo Box dimensions sets at 67″ x 35″ x 16″.

Overall, despite this box coming up short of what is expected for the price tag, we believe you won’t be disappointed if you end up choosing it.

Thule SideKick Cargo Box

thule sidekick cargo box

Thule SideKick represents our choice for the smaller side. It can hold all your gear when you need it, and when you don’t you can keep it inside your trunk.

Small means that the Thule Sidekick won’t affect your MPG or your car aerodynamics, on the other hand, you won’t be able to fit that many things inside it. It has a volume of 8 cu ft and a maximum load of 75 lb additionally, The Thule SideKick Cargo Box dimensions are 54″ x 25″ x 15.5″.

The Thule SideKick is a roof box made with high-quality materials while maintaining a very affordable price along with two color options black, and silver grey.

Installing the SideKick is kinda tricky though but overall, with that price, you will be delighted to have it on top of your car.

Thule Force XT Roof Box

Thule Force XT describes as a versatile box for everyday use. Featuring the same PowerClick quick-mount system as the Motion range mentioned earlier, in addition to a dual-side opening.

The Thule Force XT has a locking system to keep your cargo safe, while the lock can be a little tricky when fully closed the roof box feels very secure. The key and lock are robust as well.

The matt black finish on the Thule Force XT has an advantage, showing up dirt less and being less prone to scratches, especially when stored in your garage.

The Thule Force XT is a good choice as a from-time-to-time use roof box. It’s sturdy, well-built, and secure plus the 165 lb load capacity and 18 cu ft of space are very useable. With a dimensions at 84.5″ x 36″ x 17″.

Even though having a price tag slightly less than the Thule Motion XT, it still offers good value but if you wish for a more premium experience the Motion might be a better choice otherwise prefer the matte finish of the Thule Force XT.

Thule Hyper XL Roof Box

thule hyper xl roof box

If you looking for the best-looking roof box, then the Thule Hyper XL is the one for you. The designers at Thule managed to take a product that is quite awkward and make it so sleek it will actually add style to many vehicles.

The Hyper XL comes ready to install, furthermore It ships with AcuTight mounting clamps, two tie-down straps, a LED light, and a set of keys. Storage capacity is around 110 lb with a volume of 17 cu ft.

The Thule Hyper XL Dimensions are 76″ 33″ 16″. With a pointy AeroNose Design to reduce drag and noise making it the most aerodynamic roof box available.

Obviously, if looks are what you are aiming for, there is no second-guessing. The Thule Hyper XL roof box is what is best for you.


After reviewing the top 5 Thule roof boxes you could buy. Hoping that we get to help you decide on the correct roof box for you whether you prefer sleek designs or full practicality, or even a smaller more user-friendly design.

We always recommend checking the compatibility and measurements of your vehicle and the roof box before buying, as well as reading the owner’s manual before installing the roof box, roof rack, and even bars. Refer to our installing guide for how to probably install a roof rack.

Finally, We hope that our small article is simple, useful, and enjoyable. If so feel free to support us by sharing as it motivates us to produce more content.

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