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Best Car Roof Storage Carrier Options In 2023: Complete Guide

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Are you ready to take your road trip game to the next level? Say goodbye to cramped trunks and hello to spacious roof storage with a car roof storage carrier.

In this article, we showcase all the types of car roof storage carriers including pros & cons, in addition to our verdict and recommendation.

In short, car roof storage carriers can vary, they can come in hard-shell, soft-shell, and roof baskets. Moreover, we believe that the best roof top storage carrier would be a hard-shell carrier aka a roof box, to figure out why we picked it, stay tuned.

What Are The Different Types Of Car Roof Storage Carriers?

When purchasing an expensive piece of equipment, it’s usually a good idea to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of having it.

You might wanna check out several options before actually deciding as well. So here are the main roof top storage carrier types for you to check them out


A Hard-shell storage carrier would be resampled mostly in a roof box, they are very popular and widely spread with many highly trusted manufacturers.

They can come in various shapes and sizes to increase the overall appearance and functionality, to summarize roof box pros and cons we prepared the following table:

Large storage capacityExpensive
Weather-resistantHeavy and difficult to install
More protection for gear and it can be locked for added securityCan affect the aerodynamics of your vehicle, potentially increasing fuel consumption
Sturdier and more durable than other optionsCan be difficult to open and close, especially in colder weather
Better weight distributionMight become noisy


Secondly on our list is the soft-shell car roof storage carrier, it is mainly more suitable for people who wouldn’t be driving at high speeds, since it can present some inconveniences while being on the road.

As roof bags act like huge wind walls, they are better to be used in the countrysides, they are typically made from strong durable fabrics that are waterproof, nonetheless, they don’t offer the same level of protection as a roof box.

We collected the most common roof bag’s pros and cons in the following table:

Easily packed and unpackedMay not provide as much protection for belongings
Made from durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of travelCan be more difficult to organize and keep belongings separated and easy to find
Lightweight and easy to carryMay not be as durable as other types of luggage in the long run
More Value for your moneyCan’t be used on panoramic roof cars
Can fit awkward shape luggagecan increase drag, hence worse fuel economy

Roof Basket

Roof baskets are often made from steel or aluminum and can be used to transport a variety of items, such as camping gear, luggage, or sports equipment.

They are such a great way to increase the storage capacity of a vehicle and can be particularly useful for long road trips or camping excursions where you might need an extra attachment like a roof basket light bar.

Some roof baskets are designed to be used with specific vehicle makes and models, while others are more universal and can be mounted on a variety of vehicles.

Here are the main roof basket’s pros and cons rounded up in the next table:

Can add attachments such as lights and hooksCan increase wind resistance, which can affect fuel efficiency
Can be used to carry large or bulky items that might not fit elsewhereCan be noisy at highway speeds
long-lasting investmentMight need extra hardware to be installed
Less overall protection to your gear

Conclusion: What Is The Best Car Roof Storage Carrier?

To determine the best roof top storage carrier we need to consider the pros and cons of each type and compare them.

With that being, in our opinion, the best Car Roof Storage Carrier would be the hard-shell option, since it provides the best security and protection for your gear.

If you planning on buying a roof box, remember to check multiple brands and do the proper research.

Moreover, regardless of what car roof storage carrier option you are going with, we advise trying to not leave your cargo carrier mounted all the time for various reasons.

At the end of our small guide, we hope we provided the essential information to assist you in your pursuit of the ultimate roof box experience out there.

Furthermore, we recommend taking all necessary measures while installing or changing any type of equipment; remember, safety comes first!

Also, we hope you found our article useful and pleasant, and if so, please assist us by sharing it, since sharing drives us to create more relevant content.

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