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5 Best Toyota Rav4 Cargo Boxes That Are Worth In 2023

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A Toyota Rav4 Cargo box might be the perfect solution for your compact crossover SUV, in case the Toyota Rav4 storage capacity of 37.6 cubic feet didn’t feel like enough.

In this article, we collected the best 5 Toyota Rav4 Cargo boxes that we believe are perfect for your compact crossover SUV.

In short, the best Toyota Rav4 Cargo box in our opinion would be the Thule Pulse Large, nevertheless, there are some worth checking options in our list that might suit your unique Rav4 even more, so stay tuned.

What Are The Best Cargo Box For Toyota Rav4?

A roof cargo box for your Toyota Rav4 is an easy and efficient way to increase your vehicle’s storage capacity. But they can vary in shape and features, to pick the best Toyota Rav4 Cargo box that suits your specific needs we prepared the following list:

Yakima SkyBox 16 Roof Cargo Box

The Yakima SkyBox 16 Roof Cargo Box is the perfect addition to your Toyota Rav4 for all your cargo needs. This Toyota Rav4 Cargo Box mounts on your vehicle’s roof rack, providing enclosed storage for your gear.

Whether you’re carrying sports equipment for a weekend getaway or large luggage for a road trip with up to 3 people, this cargo box is perfect for all your needs. Having the dual-side-opening lid offers easy access from either side of your vehicle, making it convenient to load and unload your gear.

The spring-loaded hinges and easy-to-grab lid edge provide an effortless opening with one hand, while the internal stiffeners add rigidity to the lid to keep it open while you load and unload all of your gear.

This Toyota Rav4 Cargo Box comes with a SuperLatch system that ensures that the lid is latched closed and locked, so your gear is secure and the key can’t be removed unless the lid is closed properly.

The Yakima SkyBox 16 Roof Cargo Box closes tightly to keep out dirt, dust, and moisture, so your gear stays clean and dry. The 2 Same Key System (SKS) locks secure both your gear in the box and the box to the crossbars, providing added security.

The built-in adjustable clamps and flat base offer quick, simple installation and the clamps slide forward and backward to accommodate the crossbar spread of your Toyota Rav4. The flat base allows for easy adjustment along the length of the car, while the cam-action levers let you easily tighten down the clamps. The undercut tail increases hatch clearance, while the internal anchor points let you tie down your gear.

This Toyota Rav4 Cargo Box is made of durable yet lightweight ABS plastic with a premium, scratch-resistant automotive finish and a dimpled carbonite texture that helps reduce wind drag. The cargo box is also black in color and made in the USA.

Thule Sidekick Roof-Mounted Cargo Box

The Thule SideKick Roof-Mounted Cargo Box mounts easily on the Toyota Rav4’s roof rack, The lid of this Toyota Rav4 Cargo Box opens from the passenger’s side for safety and convenience, and an included lock helps deter theft.

The aerodynamic design reduces wind resistance, and the impact-resistant, polyethylene construction ensures durability. The weather-resistant design helps keep cargo dry, making it ideal for all types of weather.

The Sidekick cargo box attaches to crossbars with included U-bolts and reinforcement plates, making it compatible with round, square, aero, elliptical, and most factory crossbars. The maximum crossbar diameter is 3-3/4 inches, and the crossbar spread is between 23-5/8 inches and 28 inches.

The carrying capacity of this Toyota Rav4 Cargo Box is 8 cubic feet and the height above the crossbars is 15-1/2 inches. With a weight capacity of around 75 pounds and dimensions of 54 inches long x 25 inches wide x 15-1/2 inches high.

Moreover, the internal dimensions are 48 inches long x 23 inches wide x 13-1/2 inches high, and the weight of the box is 20 pounds. Furthermore, the Thule SideKick Roof-Mounted Cargo Box is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, making it a reliable and durable choice for all your hauling needs.

Inno Shadow 16 Rooftop Cargo Box

The Inno Shadow 16 Rooftop Cargo Box is the perfect addition to any Toyota Rav4 owner looking for extra storage space. This Toyota Rav4 roof Cargo Box mounts on the vehicle’s roof rack and provides enclosed storage for all your gear.

Whether you’re carrying golf bags, luggage, skis, or other equipment, this Toyota Rav4 roof Box has got you covered, with a dual-side-opening lid that offers easy access to your gear from either side of your vehicle, making it convenient for loading and unloading.

Moreover, this Toyota Rav4 roof Box comes with push buttons which allows for easy opening with just one hand, while the safety lock system ensures that the lid is locked and closed. The key cannot be removed unless the lid is closed properly, providing added security for your belongings.

The Quick Mount clamps offer easy, tool-free installation, and the clamps wrap around crossbars and secured with hand knobs. The mounting assemblies adjust along tracks to accommodate different crossbar spreads. Additionally, the adapter kit (sold separately) lets you mount the box in crossbar top channels and the Memory Mount system (sold separately) provides for quicker, easier installation.

The aerodynamic shape of this Toyota Rav4 roof Box helps minimize drag and wind noise, while the 4 anchor points and 2 included straps let you tie down gear inside the box.

The Shadow 16 is constructed with durable, 2-layer ABS plastic, the lid is resistant to impacts, scratches, and UV rays. The SPM injection-molded base is stronger and lighter than a box with a vacuum-formed base.

Thule Pulse Large Rooftop Cargo Box

The Thule Pulse Large Rooftop Cargo Box might be the best Thule cargo box for Toyota Rav4 owners looking to expand their storage options. Offering a spacious 16 cu ft capacity, this Toyota Rav4 cargo box can easily hold outdoor equipment such as skis and snowboards, as well as large luggage or baby gear for 3-5 people.

The Easy-Grip mounting hardware makes installation a breeze, with tool-free operation and the ability to reposition the hand knobs for vehicles with shorter roofs. The aerodynamic design and single-side-opening lid not only reduce drag and wind noise, but also allows for safe loading from the passenger’s side.

This Toyota Rav4 cargo box features a SecureLock that ensures that your gear stays secure while on the road. Moreover, its constructed of rugged ABS plastic and finished in matte black.

SportRack Vista XL Cargo Box

You’re in need of a reliable and secure roof cargo box, and the SportRack Vista XL Cargo Box is probably the best cargo box for Rav4 in 2023. Having an impressive 18 cubic feet of storage space, you’ll finally have a place to store all your camping gear and extra clothing.

The rear-opening design of the SportRack Vista XL Cargo Box allows you to conveniently access your cargo from the back of your Toyota Rav4, additionally, the integrated lock ensures that your gear and the box are secure while you’re on the road, giving you peace of mind while you’re on your next adventure.

The aerodynamic shape of this Toyota Rav4 cargo box reduces drag and wind noise on your roof, making it easy to drive with even when it’s fully loaded.

The universal mounting hardware allows for tool-free installation, and the hand knobs, U-bolts, and plates secure the box to your crossbars. The ABS plastic construction is durable and UV resistant, ensuring that your SportRack Vista XL Cargo Box will last you for many trips to come.

Moreover, The SportRack Vista XL Cargo Box is proudly made in the USA and comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that you’re getting a quality product that’s built to last.

Conclusion: What Is The Toyota Rav4 Cargo Box?

So at the end of our 5 best Toyota Rav4 Cargo box article, it’s time to decide which roof box presents the best case for you.

Please note that there are a number of criteria to consider when buying the best Cargo Box for the Toyota Rav4. Moreover, we recommend double-checking the compatibility and fitment with your specific Rav4 vehicle before purchasing.

After that being said we believe that the best cargo box for Toyota Rav4 would be the Thule Pulse Large for offering the best value for your money and modern features all around.

If you are wondering what else to add to your Toyota Rav4 besides just a roof box, or just need extra general information, you can check the Official Toyota Rav4 Accessories Brochure.

A note worth mentioning is that most vehicles nowadays come with a panoramic sunroof, so make sure to be extra careful while installing your roof box, in addition, we recommend trying NOT to open your sunroof while a roof box is installed on top of your Toyota Rav4.

In addition, we advise not leaving your Toyota Rav4 roof Cargo box mounted all the time for a number of reasons refer to the highlighted link for more information.

With that being said, we recommend taking all necessary measures while installing the cargo box on top of your Toyota Rav4; remember, safety comes first!

Also, we hope you found our Best Toyota Rav4 Cargo box article valuable and pleasant, and if so, please assist us by sharing it, since sharing drives us to create more relevant content.

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