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Can You Carry Golf Clubs In A Roof Box? Ultimate Golfers Guide

roof box for golf clubs

For many golfers, transporting their clubs to and from the course can be a challenge. While using a golf bag or a hard case is the most common way to carry clubs, some golfers are turning to roof boxes as an alternative option.

In this article, we discuss if carrying golf clubs in a roof box is a safe and practical option to be considered by golfers.

In short, after taking the necessary precautions, a roof box would represent a solid option to transport Golf Clubs.

How Can You Transport Golf Clubs?

Golfers have various alternatives for moving their clubs, including a golf bag, a hard case, or a soft case, each having its own advantages and disadvantages that can impact the decision to use a roof box for golf club transportation.

The most common way to transport golf clubs is by using a golf bag, which comes in different sizes and shapes, and can be carried by hand or worn as a backpack, providing easy portability and convenience. However, the disadvantage of using a golf bag is that it offers limited protection, potentially causing damage to the clubs due to shifting during transport, taking up precious car space.

Alternatively, a hard case offers more protection, made of sturdy materials designed to withstand rough handling during transport, with padding or foam inserts to keep the clubs in place. The downside is that hard cases are heavy, bulky, and expensive compared to golf bags or soft cases.

Soft cases are a lightweight and flexible option, offering some level of protection, but may not be as protective as hard cases, and are more affordable and easier to store.

When deciding whether to use a roof box for golf club transportation, golfers should consider the pros and cons of each option, with golf bags and soft cases being more portable, but lacking in protection, while hard cases offer greater protection at the expense of being heavy and bulky.

A roof box provides an alternative for those requiring more space or protection, but caution should be taken to pack the clubs correctly and secure the box to avoid potential hazards.

Can You Carry Golf Clubs In A Roof Box?

It’s possible to transport golf clubs in a roof box, but it comes with potential risks and downsides. One of the risks is limited space, as the roof box may not be big enough to fit all the necessary clubs and gear.

This can cause problems since the added weight of the box can impact the car’s handling and fuel efficiency. Therefore, golfers need to carefully pack their equipment to make the most of the available space while minimizing weight.

Another downside to using a roof box for golf club transportation is the potential for damage to the clubs. Golf clubs are fragile instruments and can easily be harmed if not secured properly during transport.

Golfers must take extra care when packing their clubs in the roof box, using materials such as foam padding to prevent them from shifting around while on the road. It’s also important for golfers to inspect their clubs both before and after transport to make sure they’re still in good condition.

Furthermore, using a roof box for golf club transport can be a challenging option compared to other methods. Accessing the box while on the road can be difficult, particularly for older or shorter golfers.

Moreover, if the car has a sunroof or other features mounted on the roof, using a roof box may not be possible due to the mounting system’s interference.

Tips On How To Carry Golf Clubs In A Roof Box

When using a roof box to transport golf clubs, there are some critical considerations and tips to keep in mind. The most essential tip is to pack your clubs with care to avoid any damage during transit.

You can use soft padding or covers to safeguard the heads and shafts of the clubs and keep them from shifting during the trip.

Another critical aspect is to make sure that the roof box is appropriately secured to your vehicle. Poorly secured boxes can cause damage to your car and put your clubs at risk of falling off while on the road.

It’s vital to double-check that the box is firmly attached to the roof rails or crossbars and that all fastenings and straps are secure and tight.

Extra care is necessary when driving with a roof box, especially when transporting golf clubs. Keep in mind that the added weight and height of the box can affect your vehicle’s stability and handling.

It’s best to slow down and take turns more cautiously to avoid any accidents or incidents. Additionally, be mindful of low overhangs, like those found in parking garages, and take care not to damage your roof box or clubs.

Apart from these tips, there are other essential factors to consider when transporting golf clubs in a roof box. Weather conditions can play a significant role, particularly when moving your clubs over long distances or through areas with varying weather patterns.

It’s crucial to choose a weather-resistant roof box that can withstand rain, snow, and other weather elements to protect your clubs during transport.


In summary, using a roof box for golf club transportation can be a feasible choice, but it requires careful consideration of the potential risks and drawbacks.

Other options are available, such as using a golf bag or a hard or soft case, and each has its pros and cons. It’s up to the golfer to weigh the factors that are most relevant to their specific needs and circumstances before deciding on the best option.

Although roof boxes are a safe and practical way to transport golf clubs, golfers must take necessary precautions and adhere to best practices.

This includes carefully packing clubs, securing the roof box appropriately, and taking extra care while driving with the box attached. Furthermore, golfers must consider the added weight and wind resistance that a roof box can produce and factor this into their journey planning.

In general, carrying your golf clubs can be an overwhelming and daunting task. However, with proper planning and attention to detail, you can benefit from the convenience and comfort of a roof box during your next golf excursion. Always put safety first and take every possible precaution to safeguard your clubs and vehicle.

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