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The Stylish 2023 Changan Uni T Comes To Conquer : Specs And Features

Changan Uni T,2023 Changan Uni T,Uni T,Uni-T

Changan Uni T is a small crossover car that the Chinese automaker revealed as a test version in 2017, and the production version was scheduled to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2020, but its disclosure was delayed due to the pandemic.

This article showcases the 2023 Changan Uni T with all its possible trims and specs.

Verdict: The Changan Uni T comes in a wide selection to suit every buyer while still offering way more value compared to other competitors.

Exterior Look

The Changan Uni T was launched for the first time in the Chinese market in the middle of 2020.

Instead of the classic front grille seen on Changan vehicles, Uni T introduced a new frameless design. It also has 150 components cut in the shape of a diamond, and the front-end design is completed with small LED headlamps to give the vehicle more beauty.

In addition to the twin exhaust outlets on both sides with a polygonal design, the car is recognized from the rear by the wing on the roof’s edge in the shape of a letter V, which increases aerodynamics and gives the car its unique personality.

Interior Look

The panels in the cockpit were given a modern makeover, with the central screen combined with the instrument panel into one unit and an automated brightness adjustment function is provided to protect your eyes.

The 2023 Changan Uni T also got a leather-wrapped steering wheel and an electronic gearshift lever with a design inspired by a battleship spacecraft according to the company, and the cabin was also equipped with five airbags to provide safety for the driver and passengers.

Changan Uni T,2023 Changan Uni T,Uni T,Uni-T

2023 Changan Uni-T Trims And Specs

The 2023 Changan Uni T comes in various trims and options, but nonetheless, it will depend on the specific dealership in your country and on what models they offering

Despite all that, we will be showcasing all the possible trims and options that Changan can provide with the 2023 Uni T

The Changan Uni T is Available in the following Models:

  • Excellent
  • Exclusive type
  • Distinguished
  • Flagship
  • Smart Pilot
  • Sports Edition Premium
  • Sports flagship
  • 2.0T distinguished type
  • 2.0T pilot type
  • Sports version 2.0T distinguished type
  • Sports version 2.0T pilot type

Models up to Sports flagship come with a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine with a turbocharger that generates 177 horsepower and 300 Newton-m of torque and is connected to this engine a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that transmits power to the front axle.

All models after getting the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine which generates 225 horsepower and 390 Newton-m of torque, and it’s connected to an Aisin 8-speed automatic transmission delivering the power to the front axle.

Across all the Uni-T models the following features come as standard:

  • 20-inch aluminum wheels (Excellent Trim only come with 19-inch wheels)
  • Panoramic sunroof (Excellent Trim only with sunroof)
  • Front LED lights
  • LED daytime running lights
  • Rear fog lights
  • Electric side mirrors with signals
  • rain sensor
  • Electric control of opening the trunk
  • Leather steering wheel
  • Remote entry system at the push of a button
  • remote operating system
  • Radar adaptive cruise control
  • 10.3-inch information screen
  • Wireless charging feature
  • Front and rear sensors
  • rear camera
  • Front airbags
  • Audio system with 6 speakers

Safety Feautres Of The Changan Uni T

The Changan Uni T received a five-star rating in terms of safety according to the China Automotive Technology and Research Center. It also comes with the following safety and driver assistance features as standard across all models:

  • ABS anti-lock braking system
  • EBD electronic brake force distribution system
  • ESC vehicle stability control system
  • BA Emergency Brake Assist
  • HHC Hill Start Assist
  • HDC Hill Descent System
  • DBF Dynamic Parking System
  • TCS traction control system
  • ROM anti-rollover

Rivals And Competitors

If you are persistent on a Chinese small crossover that is just a good bargain you might wanna consider checking the following vehicles:

  • BYD Tang II
  • Lynk & Co 01
  • NIO ES8
  • Hongqi HS5

On the other hand, you might want to check the significant whales in the industry, but you won’t find the same quality for the same price range:

For more information regarding the official listing schedule and news, you can refer to the Official Changan Website.

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