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2023 Ford Escape Short Review: Specs, Prices, And Alternatives

2023 ford escape

The Ford Escape 2023 is classified as a medium-sized crossover SUV for its length of around 4 and a half meters. In some areas, this car is also known as the Ford Kuga.

In this article, we go through the specs, prices, and which one to buy as well as the alternatives and rivals for the 2023 Ford Escape.


While the Ford Escape initially arrived in 2001, several generations of it appeared during the previous years, the latest of which was the fourth and current generation, which debuted two years ago.

The 2023 Ford Escape features spacious interiors and modern electronics, as well as a design inspired by Ford sports cars.

How Does The 2023 Ford Escape Look Like From The Outside?

With a sloping roofline, improved tailgate spoiler, and an efficient lower section, the all-new 2023 Ford Escape is Ford’s most aerodynamic vehicle yet to come.

At the same time, the vehicle’s weight has been reduced by nearly 100 kg, due in part to the extensive use of lightweight, high-strength steel in the frame.

In its new generation, the 2023 Ford Escape has an elegant, sporty design, and it also has a front grille with a trapezoidal shield-shaped design, inspired by the sixth-generation Mustang, with 19-inch rims.

The 2023 Ford Escape Interior And Infotainment

2023 ford escape interior

The interior of the 2023 Ford Escape comes with 60/40 split seats in the second row with a new sliding feature that provides additional space with extra legroom, which is considered one of the best in this class of cars. The driver’s seat on the other hand is adjustable in ten positions for more comfort.

The 2023 Ford Escape interior also got a high-quality BANG & OLUFSEN sound system with 10 speakers. It also got a panoramic sunroof and an 8-inch LCD touchscreen.

What Engines Will Be Offered On The 2023 Ford Escape?

  • A 1.5-liter 3-cylinder petrol engine that generates 175 horsepower and 230 N-m of torque. It is connected to an 8-speed automatic transmission that delivers the power to the front axle, or to an all-wheel-drive system.
  • A 2.0-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine that generates 240 horsepower and 366 N-m of torque, connected to the same transmission with an all-wheel-drive system.

What Are The Trims And Prices Of The 2023 Ford Escape?

The Escape has been renewed with this model year, and the trim levels for this model include the following list:

  • Escape Base.
  • Escape Active.
  • Escape Platinum.
  • Escape ST-Line.
  • Escape ST-Line Select.
  • Escape ST-Line Elite.
  • Escape Plug-In Hybrid.

The price of the 2023 Ford Escape Base version in the global market will start from 27,500 USD, which makes it $315 more expensive than the 2022 Escape S.

We would like to point out that the price does not include the $1,495 shipping fee. Hence making up the price of the new 2023 Escape Base start at $28,995.

As for the price of the new Escape Active, it starts from 30,340 USD. It’s worth mentioning that Both Base and Active trims come with a front-wheel-drive system (FWD) and optionally with an all-wheel-drive system (AWD) at an additional cost.

The price of the new Escape ST-Line versions starts at around $31,335 in the global market, these trims are based on the two-liter EcoBoost engine. And for the Platinum escape price, starting at $37,460. The Platinum comes with a hybrid powertrain.

Last but not least the price of the new Escape Plug-In Hybrid, starting at $39,955, that combines a 2.5-liter EcoBoost petrol engine with a plug-in chargeable electric system, making it the most expensive model in the range.

Which One To Pick And What Are The Alternatives?

We would recommend the new ST-Line select model since it’s the most affordable way to get the more powerful 250-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder. Also, the Select package includes the all-wheel drive system.

As for the 2023 Ford Escape rivals and alternatives you might like to check one of the following:

What about Chinese Alternatives? we recommend checking the Chinese vehicles in the same segment as those tend to offer more value for the money, we will be mentioning some of them in the following list:

Finally, We hope that our small article is simple, useful, and enjoyable. If so feel free to support us by sharing as it motivates us to produce more content.

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