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7 Best Octane Boosters: Ultimate Buying Guide

stp octane booster

All engines are tuned to run on a specified octane level of gasoline. But what if the gasoline is not so good, an octane booster will come in handy in that situation.

In this Article, we showcase the 7 best octane boosters in the market today, in addition to answering some FAQs regarding the topic.

What Does Octane Booster Do To My Car?

The most common use of an octane booster is to improve driving performance. It does so by raising the octane rating, which is related to the fuel’s stability and the pressure at which the fuel will explode inside the chamber.

Moreover, it can increase the vehicle’s efficiency with specific engines, Hence better fuel economy.

Octane boosters can solve some problems as well, such as engine knocking which is generated by a knock detonation or pre-ignition as they tend to have additives to protect the engine from such problems.

In addition to cleaning the fuel system up to the ignition chamber, when your fuel octane increases and compression happens at a higher temperature and pressure, carbon residue tend to be loosened and blown out of the exhaust.

Also, some products are mixed with special formula additives that help clean your car’s fuel system.

Does Octane Booster Work?

So octane boosters do wonders, but do they actually work? In most cases indeed it works by raising the octane level, therefore raising the performance and efficiency but It is greatly dependent on the vehicle and the engine itself.

Many OEM performance engines are built to make the most of higher-grade fuels like 93 octane. Nonetheless, if you already using the 93 octane fuel you might not see as much of a difference.

However, if you don’t have access to a good-grade octane fuel, then using an octane booster can noticeably increase performance, to add it’s a win-win situation since it improves engine safety by lowering the possibility of knocking.

How To Use Octane Boosters Correctly?

First hand before adding or using any type of additives to your car, we always recommend checking your owner’s manual in addition to reading the specific product guidelines.

Picking up the correct size booster depends on your fuel tank volume, for example, an entire 5.25oz Bottle can treat up to around 15 gallons of fuel, and an entire 15oz Bottle can treat up to around 25 gallons of fuel.

Regarding the octane level, it depends as well on your engine requirement and how bad the fuel is available at the pump.

Now comes the part where you pour your booster into the fuel tank, make sure to put some fuel in first in case you were running on an empty tank then add your octane booster, after that, you should fill up ur tank with fuel. That ensures the product is mixed well with your fuel for optimum performance.

If you have bought a bigger size bottle than you needed, we recommend using it within a year as octane boosters tend to go bad with time. Especially if haven’t been stored in proper conditions.

What Is The Best Octane Booster On The Market?

Here comes the time we save you a lot of trouble browsing through hundreds of products by picking the 7 best octane boosters on the market for you to check down below:

STP Octane Booster

STP has been in business for more than 60 years and is one of the most trusted names in the automotive maintenance industry.

The STP Octane Booster is a two-in-one compound that increases octane while also cleaning the gasoline intake system, restoring power and acceleration to your car.

At the same time being a high-quality, low-cost option doing so. It’s also worth mentioning that this product works with capless gas systems as well.

If you add STP Octane Booster to your gas tank every time you fully fill it, you will reduce the likelihood of knocking significantly.

Torco Accelerator

If you own a high-performance vehicle, the Torco’s Unleaded Fuel Accelerator should be on the top of your picking list.

With the help of a combination of ingredients, the Torco Octane booster turns premium pump gas into fuel that nearly resembles race fuel. Depending on your engine, 32 ounces of Torco added to your gas tank can improve the octane up to 105.

It’s a high-performance race fuel concentration that won’t harm or damage oxygen sensors or catalytic converters.

Also, the Torco octane booster is one of the more costly alternatives on our list due to the fact that it comes in a 32-ounce container.

Nonetheless, it is an excellent option for extracting every last bit of performance from your engine. Unfortunately, similar to the other premium boosters it has a very limited life span so would like to use it ASAP.

Lucas Oil Octane Booster

Lucas Oil is a well-known brand for its many oils, gasoline treatments, and oil additives. If you go into any car shop, you’ll most certainly notice Lucas Oil products all around.

Lucas octane booster is intended to enhance the clean fuel burn in order to reduce emissions.

The Lucas Octane Booster is safe for turbochargers, oxygen sensors, and catalytic converters and may be used on both fuel-injected and carbureted engines.

According to Lucas, their product has been tested and shown to deliver three times more than most other products while also preventing knocks in high-compression engines.

One downside to mention is that some users reported having trouble inserting the bottle’s nick into the gas tank.

Royal Purple Max Boost

Increasing performance while lowering emissions is a desirable situation for many, and there’s no reason you can’t achieve both with this Royal Purple product.

Royal Purple octane booster, which comes in a 16-ounce can, is made with MMT, to help reduce engine detonation, pre-ignition, and knocking caused by low-octane gasoline.

Carbureted, turbocharged, supercharged, and nitrous-injected engines all work well with Max-Boost. It can be added to any fuel, lead-containing or not, as well as alternative fuels like reformulated gasoline.

You’ll need to remember that this Royal Purple octane booster is for racing only and is illegal to use on the street.

104+ Octane Booster

Gold Eagle’s 104+ is a low-cost solution that cleans fuel injectors and minimizes knocks, pings, and throttle hesitation.

104 octane booster can be used with a variety of fuel mixtures, including ethanol. This is not a race-grade booster and is more suited for everyday use.

The bottle’s long neck was intended for more than simply cosmetic advantages. It really makes pouring the mixture into the gas tank easier for the user.

104 Octane Booster is a solution that will improve engine performance and remove dirt from your fuel injectors, catalytic converters, and oxygen sensors.

Gumout Octane Booster

The Gumout Octane Booster is particularly effective in preventing detonation in high-compression engines.

This formula is also suitable for turbocharged and supercharged engines, enhancing engine performance and fuel economy. Our favorite feature of this product has to be its low pricing. It’s one of the most affordable solutions on our list today.

Gumout Octane Booster is a simple solution for vehicles that require higher octane gasoline but are not available at the moment. Aside from saving petrol at the pump, the Gumout will successfully reduce knocking.

The Gumout comes in a 10-ounce container which can cure up to 15 gallons of gasoline. It also burns cleanly and contributes to lower pollution.

VP Racing Fuels Octane Booster

The VP Octane booster is worth a mention for being a premium formula that has been shown to increase octane levels by up to 80 points and increase your vehicle’s horsepower at the same time.

It will also increase throttle response and acceleration times. The VP Octane Booster is also excellent in cleaning your car’s fuel injectors and removing buildup sludge from the engine.

It may also considerably reduce knocking in your engine, and in many cases totally remove it. However, It should be noted that this particular compound is incompatible with catalytic converters or oxygen sensors.

So as we mentioned earlier in our article we advise to always check your owner’s manual and the product guidelines.

vp octane booster


We come to the end of our complete guide for the best octane boosters available in the market, we hope the trip was enjoyable and we presented some kind of benefit from our research to the viewers.

Last but not least, our top pick for the best octane booster would depend on certain criteria that have been mentioned earlier in the article

We think that the STP Octane Booster is ideal for the common car enthusiast who wants to clean and boost their engines for everyday and street usage. It is also effective in raising the octane level not as much as other products though.

Nonetheless, it improves performance and horsepower as well as cleans the entire fuel system, and the STP Octane Booster comes at a decent price.

However, we believe that the Royal Purple Max Boost Octane Booster is the perfect choice for a racer. It will improve your gas mileage as well as the power of your engine, and it works with a variety of fuels.

Also, the Royal Purple Octane Booster is lead-free, stabilizes fuel, and boosts octane levels more efficiently than others.

In case you are looking for some car accessories feel free to check our articles regarding Roof Boxes.

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