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How good is the BMW 5 series?

BMW 5 series face front view

BMW is one of the best car production companies in the world, as it holds a lot of fan’s choices because of its many advantages and Versions,

Among these versions is the BMW 5 Series, which we will talk about in this article in terms of the most important characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages found in this version.


The 5 Series, including the Touring Estate model, was updated in 2020 with some minor exterior changes, but it didn’t change the fact that BMW isn’t quite as beautiful as the Audi A6 or Mercedes E-Class, which are two of the main alternatives. The performance version, the BMW M5, was also updated around the same time.

It’s a different story inside because it has a great interior. The design is very elegant and refined, and the quality of the materials is also excellent.

There’s less cheap-looking plastic inside than the E-Class, although these three cars have a great interior in their own way.

The latest version comes with a 12.3-inch media system, using the latest BMW operating systems. Satellite navigation is standard and instead of dials, you get a head-up display behind the steering wheel, just like on the E-Class and A6.

BMW 5 series interior center console

BMW’s iDrive infotainment system is the easiest to use in the segment, and it wouldn’t be hard to say it’s the best infotainment system in any car. The reason for this is the rotating console located in the center, although voice and gesture controls are available if you wish. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also included.

Is the BMW 5 Series practical?

The BMW 5 Series seats four adults comfortably and offers plenty of storage space inside, but while the trunk volume is large, it is a little less practical than the alternatives.

BMW 5 series back seats

The car has a storage space of about 18 cubic feet behind the rear seats of the car, where this space is considered good and can accommodate the basic purposes of the family or the individual.

Driving the BMW 5 Series

Despite being a big car, the BMW 5 Series is easy to drive. You get a surprisingly good view through the large windows and the only annoying blind spot is where the windshield meets the front door.

All models come with front and rear parking sensors as standard, and a rear camera is also included. The high-tech 360-degree camera and 3D surround view system are optional, but not necessary. It shows a projected picture of your car from the outside – just like having someone jump outside to guide you into tight spots – it’s a great feature and well worth having if you have to park your car in tight spots.

BMW 5 series side view

The BMW 5 Series offers amazing comfort around town and all models are extremely comfortable at highway speeds. While the larger wheels on the M Sport make them a little worse in the potholes, the 5 Series is still one of the smoothest.

The tire’s roar is often muffled at highway speeds and only a little wind noise makes its way into the very comfortable 5-Series cabin, so it’ll chew hundreds of highway miles with ease. However, it is still fun to drive on a twisty road, as it is more agile than most cars of its size.

Engines Available

There is a range of engine options with the Fifth Series, from a four-cylinder 2.0-liter engine with 182 power to an eight-cylinder 4,400 cc engine with 617 horsepower, each connected to a smooth eight-speed automatic transmission.

in additionو the presence of the 530e Hybrid, which is a hybrid mixture equipped with a petrol engine. Four-cylinder electric motor combines to produce 248 hp

BMW 5 series engine

The overall options you can choose from are:

  • Four-cylinder, rear-wheel drive 2000 cc, 184 horsepower, 520i
  • Four-cylinder, rear-wheel drive 2000 cc, 252 hp, 530i
  • Four-cylinder, rear-wheel drive 2000 cc, 245 hp, 528i
  • Six-cylinder, rear-wheel drive 3000 cc, 306 hp, 535i
  • Four-cylinder, all-wheel drive 2000 cc with 252 horsepower, 530i xDrive
  • Six-cylinder, all-wheel drive, 3000 cc, 340 hp, 540i
  • Six-cylinder, all-wheel drive 3000 cc, 340 hp, 540i xDrive
  • Eight-cylinder, all-wheel drive, 4400 cc, Twin Turbo, 523 hp, M550i xDrive
  • Eight-cylinder, all-wheel drive, 4400 cc, Twin Turbo, 617 hp, M5

Pros And Cons of the BMW 5 Series


  • Wide range of powerful and efficient engines
  • A suite of innovative features and leading technology
  • Quiet and comfortable cabin
  • Loading box capacity is generous
  • agile handling
  • Easy-to-use technical features
  • Good trust rating


  • Much more expensive than most competitors in the luxury sedan class
  • Some interior materials are slightly below luxury car standards
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