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The 5 Top-Rated Toyota 4Runner Bike Racks

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As a Toyota 4Runner owner, you know that your vehicle is built for adventure. But how do you bring your bike along for the ride? well with a Toyota 4runner Bike Rack!

In this article, we’ve searched the market to bring you the Most Worthy and well-made Toyota 4runner Bike Racks that will securely transport your bikes on your next adventure.

In short, we believe that the Thule T2 Pro XTR Hitch Bike Rack is the Overall best bike rack for Toyota 4 runner, however, there are more reliable options that might catch your eye as well, stay tuned to check our most practical choice down below.

Top Toyota 4Runner Bike Racks Worth Considering in 2023:

If you’re a cycling enthusiast who owns a Toyota 4Runner, you probably want to transport your bikes safely and conveniently while on the road. With a plethora of Toyota 4Runner bike rack options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Here are our 5 Best options:

Yakima Stage 2 Bike Rack

The Yakima StageTwo Bike Rack is an ideal Toyota 4runner Hitch Bike rack for owners who want to transport their bikes securely and with ease. This bike rack accommodates two bikes, but with the StageTwo +2 extension, it can carry up to four bikes.

The StrongArm hook is a standout feature that quickly and easily secures the bike at the wheels, protecting painted surfaces and carbon frames. The rack fits most bikes, including fat-tire, mountain, road, hybrid, women’s specific, BMX, kids’ bikes, and E-bikes up to 70 lbs each.

Additionally, it can accommodate wheelbases up to 52″ and wheel sizes from 16” to 29” with tires up to 3.25” wide. If you have fat bikes, the StageTwo Fat Bike Kit (sold separately) can accommodate tires up to 5” wide.

The StageTwo comes in two sizes, 1.25” hitch receivers, and 2” hitch receivers, also allow for easy installation and removal thanks to the tool-free locking SpeedKnob. This Toyota 4Runner Bike Rack also comes with integrated SKS locks, providing added security for your bikes and rack.

The rack is RV tested and approved, capable of carrying up to 60 lbs per bike on-road and 42 lbs per bike off-road. The tiered and adjustable bike trays minimize bike-to-bike interference and maximize ground clearance. Furthermore, offset trays provide extra bike-to-bike clearance.

The StageTwo features a remote tilt lever, which provides easy access to the rear of the vehicle. The rack tilts forward with bikes loaded, allowing for trunk access. The rack’s design also includes an Anthracite and Vapor colorway, which adds to its sleek style.

Thule T2 Pro XTR Hitch Bike Rack

The Thule T2 Pro XTR Hitch Bike Rack is designed to fit both 2″ and 1.25″ hitch sizes, making it a versatile Toyota 4runner bike rack option.

The Thule T2 Pro XTR has a maximum load capacity of 120 lbs and can hold up to 2 bikes with a maximum weight of 60 lbs each. The adjustable spacing between bikes allows you to mount two bikes without interference, while the integrated cable lock and lock knobs provide added security by locking the bikes to the rack and the rack to the receiver hitch.

This Toyota 4Runner Bike Rack has a tool-free AutoAttach system that makes it quick and easy to install and remove the rack. It also features an integrated wheel that helps maneuver the rack to and from the vehicle, and a HitchSwitch lever that tilts up when not in use or tilts down for rear vehicle access without removing the rack.

The Thule T2 Pro XTR is designed to fit nearly all bikes, including e-bikes up to 60 lbs, with 20” to 29” wheels and up to 5” tires, making it ideal for road, mountain, fat-tire, and e-bikes. The rack also has a no-frame contact design, ensuring that the bikes are held securely in place without any damage to the frame.

When it comes to durability, the Thule T2 Pro XTR has been extensively tested at the Thule Test Center in Hillerstorp, Sweden. It has undergone durability tests, wear and tear simulations, and exposure tests to ensure that it can withstand even the most demanding conditions.

The Thule T2 Pro XTR has a dimension of 54 x 43 x 15 inches and a folded dimension of 54.7 x 22.5 x 33.8 inches. It weighs 52.04 lbs, making it a sturdy yet portable option for your Toyota 4runner.

Thule UpRide Roof Bike Rack

The Thule UpRide Roof Bike Rack is a versatile and durable Toyota 4Runner roof bike rack designed for bikers of all levels. With its innovative design, this bike rack allows for easy loading and secure transportation of your bike without making any contact with the frame. This is especially useful for bikes with delicate carbon fiber frames, as the hook securely grabs the front wheel instead.

The Thule UpRide fits a wide range of bike types, including mountain bikes, road bikes, fat bikes, and bikes with non-traditional frame designs, rear suspension, and bottle cages. It is compatible with most 20-29″ wheel bicycles with tires up to 3″ wide, and up to 5″ wide with the Thule UpRide Fatbike Adapter (sold separately). The maximum weight capacity for the bike is 44 lb, and the maximum wheelbase is 1300 mm.

This Toyota 4Runner Bike roof Rack is designed for easy and quick installation on either side of the Toyota 4Runner’s roof rack system, using the Thule WingBar Evo, AeroBlade, SquareBar Evo, ProBar Evo, Xsporter Pro, TracRac Truck, or TracRac Van.

The carrier also features a simple interface for switching the carrier from one side of the car to the other. The ratcheting wheel strap quickly secures the back wheel to the tray, and the bike can be locked to the bike rack and the bike rack to the vehicle using the integrated cable lock and Thule One Key System (sold separately).

The Thule UpRide is built to withstand extreme testing at the Thule Test Center in Hillerstorp, Sweden. It undergoes durability and wear and tear simulations, as well as exposure tests to evaluate its performance under various conditions.

The Thule UpRide Roof Bike Rack has dimensions of 64 x 13 x 4.3 in and weighs 17 lb. It is available in black/aluminum color.

Yakima FullSwing Swing-Away Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack

The Yakima FullSwing Swing-Away Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack is our Most Practical Pick for a Toyota 4runner Bike rack, it’s an ideal product for bikers who want to take their bikes with them on their road trips without compromising on the accessibility of the rear of their vehicle.

The Yakima FullSwing is designed to swing away from the car with bikes loaded, which makes it easy to access the rear of the vehicle for any reason, such as loading and unloading cargo or accessing the tailgate.

The assembly of the bike rack is quick and easy, and it can be installed without tools thanks to its locking SpeedKnob. The AutoPin feature automatically positions and secures this Toyota 4tunner bike rack to the hitch and receiver, ensuring a secure fit.

The Zero-hassle ZipStrips make securing bikes on the rack easy and straightforward, and the fully padded arms protect bikes from scratches and damage. The arms can also be folded down when not in use for added convenience.

The Yakima FullSwing Swing-Away Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack is designed to carry up to four bikes with a maximum weight of 18 kg per bike and a total maximum bike weight of 68 kg. The rack comes equipped with SKS locks, which lock the bikes and rack securely in place.

The dimensions of the Yakima FullSwing Swing-Away Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack are L 110.5 cm x W 66 cm x H 44.5 cm, and it weighs 25.4 kg.

These dimensions make it a perfect fit for a Toyota 4Runner, as it is compact enough to fit on the back of the vehicle without taking up too much space.

Kuat NV 2.0 Bike Rack

The Kuat NV 2.0 Bike Rack is an excellent high-quality, durable, and versatile option for Toyota 4Runner Bike Rack. It comes in both 2″ and 1.25″ hitch sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your 4runner’s hitch receiver.

With its adjustable front tire cradle system and adjustable tire scoops, the Kuat NV 2.0 can accommodate wheelbases up to 50″ and tires as large as 5″. For bikes with 20″-24″ wheels, a 20-24″ wheel adapter is required. This Toyota 4Runner Bike Rack has a carrying capacity of two bikes, with each bike being able to weigh up to 60 lbs.

One of the standout features of the Kuat NV 2.0 is its foot-assisted pivot system, which allows you to drop the rack with a tap of your foot. This makes it easy to load and unload your bikes, even if your hands are full. The rack also comes with an integrated cable lock system to keep your bikes secure while you’re away from your vehicle.

The Kuat NV 2.0 also includes a Trail Doc, an integrated repair stand that makes field maintenance easy. With its twist-and-push clamp system, you can hold your bike firmly while you give it some TLC.

The rack is easy to install with its hand-tight hitch cam system, which requires no tools. The rear tire strap features a co-molded strap to protect your wheels, and the front tire ratchet has an intuitive release.

The Kuat NV 2.0 is a premium bike rack with a gloss metallic powder finish and water-transferred logos. It is a bit heavy, weighing in at 56 lbs. for the 2-bike models and 91 lbs. for the 4-bike model. The carrying capacity for the 4-bike model drops to 40 lbs./bike.

Conclusion: Best Toyota 4Runner Bike Racks to Consider Purchasing

In conclusion, finding the best bike rack for Toyota 4Runner can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of options available that can meet your needs that we mentioned in our article.

That said, we believe that the Overall best Toyota 4Runner Bike Rack is the Thule T2 Pro XTR Hitch Bike Rack due to having a tilt mechanism that is easy to use and construction built to withstand heavy-duty use.

Otherwise, if you are looking for a More Practical Pick for a Toyota 4runner Bike rack that is firmly secured in place, installing it is a breeze, and Loads up many bikes rapidly then the Yakima Full Swing is the one for you.

Furthermore, we suggest verifying the compatibility and appropriateness of the bike rack with your particular Toyota 4runner model before making a purchase.

We recommend that you read the product specifications thoroughly and adhere to the installation and usage guidelines provided by the manufacturer to ensure the security and longevity of your Toyota 4runner Bike Rack.

In the end, we hope that our Best Toyota 4runner Bike Racks Article was pleasant and helpful, if so feel free to share it, as sharing motivates us to produce more similar content.

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