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5 Best Toyota 4Runner Roof Cargo Boxes In 2023

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Despite being the elder of the mid-size SUV segment, with only 47.2 cubic feet of cargo space, the 4Runner seems to struggle a little bit space-wise, so any 4Runner owner that is looking for family trips and camping experiences should consider a Toyota 4Runner Roof Cargo Box.

In this article, we collected the best 5 Toyota 4Runner Roof Cargo Boxes that we believe are perfect for your 4Runner.

In short, the best Toyota 4Runner Roof Cargo Box in our opinion would be the Thule Force XT XL, nevertheless, there are some worth checking options in our list that might suit you more, so make sure to check them all out.

What Are The Best Roof Cargo Box For Toyota 4Runner?

Roof cargo boxes are an easy and efficient way to increase your vehicle’s storage capacity. But they can vary in shape and features, to pick the best 4Runner roof cargo box that suits your specific needs we prepared the following list:

Thule Force XT XL Rooftop Cargo Box

4runner roof cargo box,best roof cargo box for toyota 4runner,toyota 4runner roof cargo box

The Thule Force XT XL Rooftop Cargo Box is a versatile roof-mounted cargo box for everyday use, when cargo space in your 4Runner feels short Thule Force provides 18 cubic feet of additional packing space.

Thule Force XT XL is easy to install, featuring a Quick-mount system that clicks when the roof box is secure and properly mounted, in addition, It’s very practical and easy to access with a Dual-side opening cover from either side of the vehicle.

The Thule Force XT XL Rooftop comes in Black AeroSkin, offering Low-profile and durability against the weather.

Also, the Thule Force XT XL Rooftop can hold up to 165 lbs of load when its actual weight is 47 lbs.

MENABO Diamond 580 Duo Roof Box

The MENABO Diamond 580 Duo is one of the best Cargo boxes available due to its safety and quality of materials, also its compatibility with all roof carriers, easily Mounted safely as well to roof bars or racks slots with standard screws, also a universal fitting system is available.

The MENABO Diamond Max load is around 165 lbs, and you can load your package from either side of the vehicle since Duo means the box can open from both sides.

Yakima SkyBox 18 Roof Cargo Box

4runner roof cargo box,best roof cargo box for toyota 4runner,toyota 4runner roof cargo box

The Yakima SkyBox 18 proves why the Yakima is well known to be one of the best roof box manufacturers of our time, it mounts on your vehicle’s roof rack to provide enclosed storage for your gear or equipment.

The Yakima SkyBox is widely compatible with many sedans, SUVs, and trucks, also it offers a Dual-side opening lid to provide ease of access from either side of your vehicle just like MENABO and the Thule.

Regarding security, the Yakima SkyBox comes with SuperLatch system to ensure that lid is latched closed and locked, your key can’t be removed unless the lid is closed properly, so no mistake will happen there.

The maximum loading capacity for the Yakima SkyBox 18 is 165 lbs, and the Yakima Skybox 18 dimensions are 92″ long x 36″ wide x 16″ tall.

Rhino-Rack Zenith MasterFit Rooftop Cargo Box

The Zenith MasterFit has 14 cu ft of storage for equipment, camping gear, or large luggage on the go, stylish design while offering aerodynamics, to help reduce wind noise and drag.

Obviously, the Zenith MasterFit, like our previous options can be opened from both sides, also the Zenith includes 3 tie-down straps to secure your gear to 6 internal anchor points, so your gear doesn’t fly around while hitting the bumpy roads.

The Zenith MasterFit is easy to install with easy-to-use clamps. These clamps fit most crossbar styles and widths, and they slide along the tracks on the box floor.

The loading capacity of the Zenith is the same as the other options to be around 165 lbs.

Inno Shadow 16

The INNO Shadow 16 is a high-quality roof box that is designed to make your winter sports adventures more enjoyable and hassle-free. This Toyota 4Runner Roof Cargo Box has a spacious interior and durable construction, also its the perfect solution for transporting all of your skiing and snowboarding gear.

Measuring 2000mm in length, 810mm in width, and 340mm in height, the INNO Shadow 16 is large enough to hold up to 360 liters of gear.

The height from the crossbar is 315mm, and the interior length is 1830mm. With a maximum loading capacity of 50kg, this Toyota 4Runner Roof Cargo Box can easily carry 6-8 pairs of skis or 4-6 sets of snowboards.

One of the most convenient features of the INNO Shadow 16 is its dual-side opening that allows for easy loading and unloading of your gear, without the need to climb up on top of the car. The new memory mount systems also make installation a breeze, so you can get on the road as quickly as possible.

The INNO Shadow 16 also comes equipped with a one-touch buckle belt, which helps to securely hold your luggage inside the roof box, which ensures that your gear stays safe and secure, even in the unlikely event of a sudden stop. The weight of this Toyota 4Runner Roof Cargo Box is 19kg.

Conclusion: What Is The Best Toyota 4Runner Roof Cargo Box?

So at the end of our 5 best Toyota 4Runner Roof Cargo Box article, it’s time to decide which roof box presents the best case for you.

Please note that there is a number of criteria to consider when buying the best Roof Cargo Box for the 4Runner.

After that being said we believe that the best roof cargo box for Toyota 4Runner would be the Thule Force XT XL for offering the best value and features all around.

If you are wondering what else you can add to your Toyota 4Runner besides just a roof box, you can check the Official Toyota 4Runner Accessories brochure.

In addition, we advise not leaving your Toyota 4Runner Roof Cargo Box mounted all the time, for detailed information on why check out our article.

With that being said, we recommend taking all necessary measures while installing your Toyota 4Runner Roof Cargo Box; remember, safety comes first!

Also, we hope you found our Best Toyota 4Runner Roof Cargo Box article useful and pleasant, and if so, please assist us by sharing it, since sharing drives us to create more relevant content.

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