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The Best 5 Tesla Model 3 Bike Racks for Cyclists on the Go

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For those who love outdoor activities such as cycling, the Tesla Model 3 compact executive sedan is an excellent choice. However, in order to fully enjoy the outdoors with your vehicle, it’s important to have a reliable bike rack that can securely transport your bikes.

In this article, We’ll delve into the five best Tesla Model 3 Bike Racks including their features, strengths, and drawbacks.

In short, in our opinion, we think that the best Tesla Model 3 Hitch Bike Rack would be the Kuat NV 2 Bike Rack, and as for the best Tesla Model 3 roof bike rack we go with the Thule UpRide Roof Bike Rack, nonetheless, there are still other options that are worth checking so stay tuned.

What Are The Best Tesla Model 3 Bike Racks Available?

To save you the trouble of surfing all over the internet looking for the best Tesla Model 3 bike rack, we collected what we think are the best bike racks available for purchase today in 2023 down below:

Thule UpRide Roof Bike Rack

The Thule UpRide Roof Bike Rack is an excellent Tesla Model 3 Bike Rack, offering both security and versatility. The unique hook securely grasps the front wheel of the bike, preventing any contact with the frame. This is particularly beneficial for carbon-framed bikes that are susceptible to damage during transportation.

Notably, the UpRide Roof Bike Rack is adaptable to accommodate non-traditional bike frame designs, rear suspensions, and bottle cages, making it ideal for a variety of bike types. Additionally, its simple interface allows for effortless switching between the car’s sides.

The back wheel is quickly secured to the tray using a ratcheting wheel strap, ensuring the bike remains in place during transport. The UpRide Roof Bike Rack can fit most 20-29″ wheel bicycles with tires up to 3″ wide. For bikes with wider tires, the Thule UpRide Fatbike Adapter (sold separately) can hold up to 5″ tires.

The maximum weight capacity of this Tesla Model 3 bike rack is 20 kg. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure the weight of the bike does not exceed this limit to guarantee safe and secure transportation.

For added security, the UpRide Roof Bike Rack can be locked to both the bike and the vehicle, but the locks are sold separately.

Here is a summarized table of what we like and dislike about the Thule UpRide Roof Bike Rack:

Extremely secure holdThe design may appear overly complex
No contact with the frame or forkLimited to low-roof vehicles
Requires lifting the bike to roof height for loading

Kuat NV 2 Bike Rack

The Kuat NV 2 Bike Rack is a premium Tesla Model 3 hitch bike rack. Its capacity of two bikes, with a maximum weight limit of 60 pounds per bike, makes it highly versatile for carrying most bicycle types.

The rack is also capable of holding wheelbases of up to 48 inches long, accommodating most bikes, and can support tire sizes as wide as 4.8 inches, which is especially useful for fat tire bikes.

An exceptional feature of the Kuat NV 2 is its adjustable front tire cradle system, which ensures a secure hold on your bike during transport. The cradle system is adjustable to fit various tire sizes, making it easy to accommodate different bike types.

To guarantee the safety of your bikes during transport, the Kuat NV 2 comes equipped with fully integrated cable locks. These locks provide top-notch security for your bikes while on the road, giving you peace of mind and minimizing the risk of theft.

Installing this Tesla Model 3 Bike Rack is effortless, thanks to its no-tool installation process with a hand-tight hitch cam system. You can easily mount the rack onto your car without the need for any additional tools. Simply tighten the hitch cam by hand, and you’re good to go.

Here is a summarized table of what we like and dislike about the Kuat NV 2 Bike Rack:

Integrated work standMore difficult assembly
No tray adjustability

Yakima FrontLoader Bike Rack

The Yakima FrontLoader Bike Rack is a versatile and user-friendly carrier for Tesla Model 3 owners who need to transport their bicycles safely and securely on their car’s roof. It can be installed on Yakima round, square, factory, or aerodynamic crossbars, making it compatible with a wide range of roof rack systems.

An important feature of this Tesla Model 3 bike roof rack is its ability to hold your bike upright while you secure it to the mount, making loading and unloading easy without the need to lift the bike onto the roof. It can handle disc brakes, thru axles, and full suspension bikes, making it suitable for a variety of bike types.

The bike rack does not touch the frame of your bike, protecting custom paint jobs and carbon fiber. Loading is made easier by being able to leave the front wheel on, but some fenders may require removal for transport. Moreover, it requires no tools or assembly, so you can easily set it up and get going.

This Tesla Model 3 bike rack can hold one bike weighing up to 40 lbs with a minimum crossbar spread of 18”, or up to 30 lbs with a minimum crossbar spread of 16”. It can also accommodate bike wheelbases up to 48”. It is compatible with wheels ranging from 20” to 27.5” with tire widths up to 3”, and 29” wheels with tire widths up to 2.7”.

Weighing only 14.30 lbs and with dimensions of L 56.00 in x W 7.00 in x H 7.50 in, the Yakima FrontLoader Bike Rack is lightweight and compact. SKS Locks are sold separately to secure your bike to the bike rack.

Here is a summarized table of what we like and dislike about the Yakima FrontLoader Bike Rack:

No need to remove front wheelDoes not include locks
Can hold bikes with any axleLoading may be challenging
Simple to installNot compatible with fat bikes

Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

The Allen Sports bike Rack Tesla Model 3 is a badass bike carrier with a hitch insert that can handle 1 1/4-inch or 2-inch receiver hitches. But here’s the kicker: the 4 and 5 bike models fit the 2-inch hitch, while the 2 and 3 bike models fit both 1 1/4-inch and 2-inch receiver hitches. Just don’t even think about using this baby on a trailer.

The rack’s carry arms are 22 inches long and can individually secure up to four bikes. The tie-down system is patented and keeps those bikes locked and loaded during transport.

When you’re not using the rack, the carry arms fold down like nobody’s business for easy storage. Assembly is required, but it’s a piece of cake.

You can have this thing up and running in less than 5 minutes, which is great for people on the go. Plus, the no-wobble bolt included with the rack secures it inside the receiver hitch, so it won’t budge during transport.

Here is a summarized table of what we like and dislike about the Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack:

AffordableAttaches to the frame, which can cause damage to the vehicle or gear
Low loading heightStraps may not be secure, leading to potential damage or loss of gear
Lacks security features, leaving gear vulnerable to theft
Blocks access to rear vehicle compartments, limiting storage options

Yakima StageTwo Hitch Bike Rack

The Yakima StageTwo Hitch Bike Rack is a reliable and versatile bike carrier the Tesla Model 3. This product has a weight of 66.00 lbs and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It is available in two sizes, 1.25″ and 2″ hitch receivers, and two colorways, Anthracite and Vapor (2″ only).

The StageTwo Hitch Bike Rack is designed to accommodate up to four bikes with the addition of the StageTwo 2 (compatible with the 2″ version only). This Tesla Model 3 hitch bike rack can carry most bike types, including fat-tire, mountain, road, hybrid, women’s specific, BMX, kids’ bikes, and E-bikes up to 70 lbs each.

The bike trays are tiered and adjustable, minimizing bike-to-bike interference and maximizing ground clearance. The offset trays provide extra bike-to-bike clearance, ensuring that the bikes do not come into contact with each other.

The StrongArm hook secures the bike at the wheels, protecting the painted surfaces and carbon frames from scratches and damage. The rack also comes with integrated SKS (Same Key System) locks to secure bikes and the rack to the vehicle receiver. The product includes an integrated lock loop that allows the user to add their own bike lock for greater bike security.

The StageTwo Hitch Tesla Model 3 Bike Rack features a convenient remote tilt lever for easy rear-of-car access, allowing the user to tilt the rack forward with bikes loaded for trunk access. The product also comes with a tool-free locking SpeedKnob for secure and simple installation and removal.

The rack accommodates bike wheelbases up to 52″ and fits 20” to 29” wheel sizes and tires up to 3.25” wide, and up to 5″ wide with the StageTwo Fat Bike Kit (Sold Separately).

This Tesla Model 3 bike rack has been road tested and approved to 70 lbs. per bike, RV tested and approved to 60 lbs. per bike, and off-road rated to 42 lbs per bike.

Here is a summarized table of what we like and dislike about the Yakima StageTwo Hitch Bike Rack:

Provides a sturdy and stable platform for transporting bikes.Pricier compared to other bike racks on the market.
Can support bikes with high-weight capacities, including heavy e-bikes.The heavy and bulky design may make it challenging to store or transport when not in use.
Optional ramp attachment makes loading heavy bikes easier.
Features built-in security measures to protect bikes from theft.

Conclusion: What Is The Best Bike Rack For Tesla Model 3?

In conclusion, finding the best bike rack for Tesla Model 3 is an essential investment for any cycling enthusiast who wants to take their bike with them on the road.

Please note that there are a number of criteria to consider when buying the best bike rack for Tesla Model 3. Moreover, we recommend double-checking the compatibility and fitment with your specific Tesla Model 3 vehicle before purchasing.

After that being said we believe that the best Tesla Model 3 Hitch Bike Rack would be the Kuat NV 2 Bike Rack for offering the best value and modern features all around, which are very helpful for any offroad adventure.

However, if you prefer a Bike Roof Rack For Tesla Model 3 we recommend the Thule UpRide Roof Bike Rack, also we would like to mention that we advise against using a trunk bike rack for Tesla Model 3 as the shape and material of the trunk is not suitable for that kind of application.

If you are wondering what else to add to your Tesla Model 3 besides just a bike rack, or just need extra general information, you can check the Official Tesla Model 3 Owners Manual.

Also, we hope you found our Best Tesla Model 3 bike rack article valuable and pleasant, and if so, please assist us by sharing it, since sharing drives us to create more relevant content.

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