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F150 Lightning Ford’s electric pickup truck.

Ford F150 Lightning exterior


The F150 lightning is Ford’s all-electric version of its best-selling truck, sharing a lot of the regular F150’s body and cabin but swapping the gasoline engine for two electric motors.

briefly, the F150 lightning is an all-electric truck that offers almost everything that you need from a regular truck while being all green, offering an estimated range of 230miles and up to 320miles across models. All-wheel drive is standard as well.

In this article, we will discuss the F150 Lightning models, specs, and features also what’s good and bad about it, in addition to the F-150 Lightning Prices and ranges.

What is it like inside the F150 lightning?

The interior design is much the same as the outside being derived from the regular F150 truck, there is plenty of head and leg room for adults in both rows, also the seats are practical and comfy.

Ford only introduced the F150 lightning in four doors crew-cab style, which is less of diversity but at the same time offers a lot of space and comfort.

the F150 lightning storage space is amazing all around as it’s well known from any American-made truck, it has cub holders and storage bins all around the cabin.

Regarding Infotainment and technology, the F150 lightning comes with a 12.0-inch touchscreen or even a 15.0-inch one if you decide to choose a higher model.

Ford F150 Lightning interior

F-150 lightning has Ford’s latest Sync 4 software as standard across all models, in addition to Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, navigation on the dash, and a Wi-Fi hotspot. For the sound system, you can get either 8 (Lariat model) or 18 (Platinum model) Bang & Olufsen speakers.

Cargo space is plenty in the F-150 lightning, due to the removal of the gasoline engine now there is a 14.1 cubic feet of space up front, and the regular 5.5-foot bed in the back.

Ford F150 Lightning Frunk

F150 Lightning models

The F-150 lightning comes in four different models as follows:

  • Pro model: Estimated MSRP Starts at $39,974, 98.0-kWh battery.
  • XLT model: Estimated MSRP Starts at $52,974, 131.0-kWh battery.
  • Lariat model: Estimated MSRP Starts at $67,474, 131.0-kWh battery.
  • Platinum model: Estimated MSRP Starts at $90,874, 131.0-kWh battery.

F-150 lightning Pro and XLT models have Approx 7,700 Pounds of Towing Capacity, while the Lariat model and Platinum model have around 8,600 Pounds of Towing Capacity.

Ford F150 Lightning Bed

Regarding driving range on a fully charged battery, the EPA rates the Pro model at 230 miles, while the XLT and Lariat models at around 320 miles, the Platinum model non the less can go up to 300 miles.

What is it like to drive?

Sitting behind the wheel of the F150 Lightning feels comfortable and driving the big truck feels easy and silent due to the electric motors that produce a little noise.

F150 Lightning Acceleration is impressive despite its weight hitting 60mph in around 4 seconds thanks to the instant torque provided by the electric motors which is around 750 pound-feet of torque.

Ford loaded the F150 Lightning with many safety features, such as Ford’s new BlueCruise semi-autonomous driving mode as optional and automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection as standard, also lane-departure warning with lane-keeping assist as standard.


To sum it all up Ford had jumped the leap with the F-150 Lightning but also kept the character of the all-loveable F150 gasoline.

Ford F150 Lightning Sideview

Offering fast and agile acceleration with an impressive towing capacity, in addition, we can’t forget the handy frunk as ford would call it but there are a few bad traits to it as if you choose to have the big battery pack of 131-kwh, it would cost an extra 10k $ and towing a trailer significantly decrease driving range.

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