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5 Best Subaru Forester Roof Boxes: Complete Guide

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Roof Boxes are available in a variety of models and specifications, but how do you pick the finest Subaru Forester Roof Box? keep tuned for the answer.

In this article, we present the 5 best Subaru Forester Roof Boxes, and we pick the one that we believe it to be the perfect choice

Prediction: The Thule Vector Rooftop Cargo Box is the best Subaru Forester roof box stay tuned to figure out why.

What Is The Best Subaru Forester Roof Box?

Before we go into the top 5 Subaru Forester roof boxes, check your car’s owner’s manual. Every vehicle has a roof loading restriction, and each vehicle is different.

The roof of the Subaru Forester is generally capped at roughly 150lb, and always check and read your owner’s guide to confirm the loading limitation before making any purchases that might waste your money and damage your car’s roof.

The Subaru Forester accessory brochure recommends a number of Thule products. You’ve probably guessed what brand the majority of the forthcoming goods will be.

However, they are not the only brand of roof boxes available. Many others, in fact, may be good alternatives!

Thule Vector Rooftop Cargo Box

Thule is the first suggestion for your Subaru Forester Cargo Box. Why? The fundamental reason for this is brand strength. Thule’s goods are well-known and well-liked, and they are of great quality and made of modern materials.

The Thule Vector cargo box features a sleek and aerodynamic appearance that draws attention at first glance and complements the designs of our current Subaru Forester.

If you like winter activities such as skiing, you may use Subaru Forester Roof Storage to transfer your skis or snowboards from one location to another. It includes a superior inner mat that protects your stuff while the cargo box is in motion.

The Vector can accommodate up to 3-5 pairs of skis or 3-4 snowboards with a maximum length of 200 cm.

It features a motion-activated LED light that automatically illuminates the box at night, making it easier for the camper to access the cargo box in the dark.

Also, the dual-side opening design allows you to access the Thule Vector cargo box from both sides, making it easier to load and unload items before your next road trip or other outdoor activity.

You don’t need any tools to mount it on top of your vehicle; the quick-mount system allows you to execute the installation in minutes. We recommend that you raise the box with someone else because it is a large box, and doing it alone would risk injuring yourself or the car’s surface.

The external dimensions of the Thule Vector cargo box are 91 x 35 x 12.5 inches, while the inside measurements are 85 x 25. 2 x 11 inches. As a result, you may use these figures to evaluate if it will suit the size of the existing Subaru Forester roof rack.

We strongly advise you to confirm that your vehicle can pass through the garage door with the cargo box on top, as adding a roof box can increase the height of your vehicle.

It can carry up to 165 pounds of stuff while weighing just 65.9 pounds. There are two color options: black metallic and titan matte, so you can match the look of your car.

Following installation, you must ensure that there is sufficient room between a completely open hatchback and the cargo box. If there is interference between them, the position of the roof box must be adjusted.

Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box

Thule’s Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box is yet another option from Thule. It is just as easy to use as the rest of the items on the list. However, it is a bit smaller than the other options.

The inside space is 11 cubic feet and the weight capacity is 165 pounds. Because the width of this car roof box is 24.75′′, you may also store other objects such as bikes, kayaks, and more on your Subaru Forester roof rack cross bars.

When the box is properly installed, the integrated torque indicator snaps with a distinct clicking sound, ensuring a safe installation. The box sits slightly forward on the roof of your car, enabling full trunk access with little or no touch with your box.

This model is also available in four different sizes: 11, 16, 18, and 22 cubic feet. You may choose the one that is most suitable as the finest Subaru Forester cargo box for you.

SportRack Horizon XL Cargo Box

This cargo box lacks the aesthetic attractiveness of our other options, but it makes up for it in endurance. The SportRack Horizon XL Cargo Box is made of tough, impact-resistant ABS plastic.

Making it nearly hard for criminals to break into it and take all of your stuff. It also works with the majority of manufacturing rack systems and is available in three sizes: 11, 16, and 17 cubic feet. You may choose the one that best matches your ideals for a Subaru Forester Roof Box.

Thule Motion XT XXL Cargo Carrier

One of the Best Subaru forester roof storages that we can recommend is the Thule Motion since it’s one of the high-end roof boxes on the market available today.

The aerodynamic design and high-glossy finish make an excellent first image, and this roof-mounted unit is extremely simple to use! The dual-sided opening makes it very easy to access your belongings.

This feature is essential because, if you park on the side of the road, you should avoid opening the cargo box from the driver’s side due to potential possible dangers from oncoming traffic.

It is compatible with the majority of OEM rack systems, so you won’t have to worry about whether it will work with your Subaru Forester roof rack cross bars or not.

There are three capacity options: 16, 18, and 22 cubic feet, as well as two color options: titan and black.

Mopar TCBOX625 Cargo Box

The Mopar define as a robust, lockable, thermoplastic carrier that keeps goods dry and safe regardless of the weather, this Roof Box Luggage Carrier gives more cargo capacity to your vehicle.

It has a gas cylinder opening mechanism that allows the hinged lid to softly open and close. Aerodynamic design reduces wind resistance while providing a stylish appearance, making it ideal for baggage and sports equipment.

The Mopar is compatible with the majority of OEM Roof Rack Cross Bars. So there are no fitment issues with your Subaru Forester


After reviewing the 5 best Subaru Forester Roof Boxes it’s safe to say they all offer good quality for your money.

Regardless, we believe that the Thule Vector Rooftop Cargo Box is the ideal roof box for your Subaru Forester because unlike any other, the Vector cargo box flawlessly combines performance appearance and premium capabilities.

Check out our post if you’re seeking a larger roof box maybe What Is The Largest Roof Box On The Market?

Before adding a roof box, roof rack, or even bars, we always recommend reading the owner’s instructions. Please see our installation guide for how to probably install a roof rack.

We would also encourage you not to exceed the speed restriction set by the manufacturers of your roof box; if you need additional information, please see our article How Fast You Can Drive With A Roof Cargo Carrier?

Finally, we hope that our little post was easy, informative, and fun. If so, please consider sharing our content to encourage us to create more.

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